Saturday, April 19, 2008

Chair Massage For You

Chair Massage is what you've been looking for whether you know it or not. You've been looking for a healthy and environmentally conscious way to reward employees while improving morale and productivity. Maybe you've also been looking for a way to show your best clients how much you appreciate them. Or, maybe you have been looking for a way to draw a crowd at your trade show booth or other business function. Chair Massage is the best way to get all of that done with minimal fuss. A Chair Massage, or Seated Massage, is a massage therapy session done at your location by a licensed massage therapist while the client relaxes in a specialized massage chair.

Chair Massage differs from table based massage. The specialized massage chair utilized in seated massage is much more portable than massage tables and also takes up less space. Chair Massage can be done with very little dedicated space, allowing it to be performed in the trade show booth or in a corner of the home office. Chair Massage does not require that those receiving the massage remove any clothing so the massage may be completed in public without any embarrassment or discomfort. And, Chair Massage is usually shorter in duration than typical table based massage sessions allowing more people to receive massage. A typical seated massage is 10-15 minutes though it can be shorter or longer depending on the client's needs. For example, a seated massage session for your valued employees might be scheduled for 15 minutes each while you might want to give 5-10 minute sessions to prospective clients at the trade show.

Like other forms of massage, Chair Massage is relaxing and therapeutic. Pretty much everyone who receives a Chair Massage experiences relief from physical stress and muscle soreness as well as experiencing relief of mental stress. People receiving Chair Massage often report having better concentration and better mental clarity. How can you beat that? Employees that feel better physically and mentally after a seated massage will perform better, have fewer sick days, and generally outperform their unmassaged counterparts. Customers that receive the physical relief and feelings of well-being from Chair Massage will remember that you were watching out for them in the most positive way. What about prospective clients? They are better able to focus on your message after seated massage and might be feeling good enough to make the purchase right then!

A typical seated massage will include massage of the head, neck, shoulders, back, arms, and hands of the seated client. The actual session differs according to the client's needs, the time available, and the massage therapist's assessment of the situation, but often begins with a soothing scalp massage. From there the massage therapist may massage the neck of the seated client then move to the shoulders...that is a real favorite for most people! A firm massage of the back puts the massage client in la-la land and then the massage therapist could work on the hands and arms. It really is a relaxing experience.

Getting Chair Massage to your location is as easy as typing in an online search, but be sure to select a good massage therapist or massage establishment to provide your onsite Chair Massage. Look for therapists or establishments that clearly offer onsite seated massage, it is somewhat of a specialty in massage. If the therapist or establishment doesn't mention seated/chair massage on their website or other ads they may not be especially good at it and may not even have the massage chairs. Also, make sure that your Chair Massage provider is a Licensed Massage Therapist that is willing to provide licensure information on request to ensure safety for all involved. Enjoy your massage!

Author Resource: Lydia Hernandez is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Neuromuscular Therapist offering Chair Massage in San Antonio, Texas. See her Chair Massage website at

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