Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wild Oregano Oil: A Unique Italian Herb

By Diann Sedlacek

Plants are a good source of health benefits. Even the spice that is used in our meals is good for our health and has medicinal value. One example is garlic. Garlic is a well known spice but also is a natural antibiotic. It can prevent growth of microorganisms causing infections.

Many of our ancestors had used plants as not just a source of food but as well a source for health and medicinal benefits. Another plant, the oregano, a spice most famously used in Italian dishes also has the same medicinal value as the garlic.

Wild oregano oil is extracted from the Wild Oregano plant. They grow high up in the mountains free from pollution. This oregano oil is a natural antibiotic used in preventing the growth of microscopic organisms like bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses.

Our bodies have a built-in immune system. When foreign microbes attack our body, the immune system produces anti bodies to fight off the invaders. Our scientists and medical researchers had formulated antibiotics (anti bodies) from plants or either other microorganisms to fight off invaders when our immune system can not fight the said foreign bodies.

Studies have shown that the wild oregano oil is effective in boosting our immune system. Simply put, it makes our immune system stronger in fighting harmful foreign microbes thus making us less vulnerable to catch diseases and infections such as colds and flu, etc. Infections in our bodies are most commonly caused by bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses.

If your immune system is weak or compromised, you are more likely to catch infections and diseases commonly caused by bacteria, fungi, viruses, parasites, etc. once in contact with any of these. The wild oregano oil aids in toughening up your immune system and in eliminating the unwelcoming microbes responsible for causing us sickness.

Bacteria are present almost everywhere. They thrive in water, land and even inside our bodies. Bacteria are present in our skin, airways, mouth and digestive tracts. Most of them are not damaging to our health. Bacteria that cause illness to humans are called pathogens. They attack our body's tissues and cells and produce toxins that make us fall ill. Parasites are another cause of human infections. The toxic wastes they produce are often harmful to us. They take away our intake of nutrition as they steal the food we eat and they eat as well tissues and cells.

A germ called fungus causes infections to us as well. Usually fungal infections are on the skin and are easy to treat. However they can pose a serious threat to our health once the infection is left untreated. Fungi can travel to major organs and cause a fatal infection. Common colds are caused by a virus. There is no known cure for the common colds yet. They come and go. The best way to fight off viral infection is to have a healthy and strong immune system to defend our body from invading virus. The essential oils found in wild oregano are boosters of our health. This wild oregano oil has antibacterial, anti parasitic, anti viral and anti fungal properties shielding us from these harmful microorganisms.

It also has analgesic and anesthetic property making it as a natural pain reliever as well as an anti inflammatory property that helps in reducing soreness or swelling. Most of us have experienced a headache or a toothache. Studies have shown that the wild oregano oil can be used to relieve us from the pain caused by headache and toothache because of its anesthetic or analgesic property. It is effective in treating tooth ache as it not just addresses the pain but as well helps in getting rid of the bacteria causing the pain. Imagine that! For a simple green leaf plant, it sure has great healing powers.

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