Saturday, July 2, 2011

A New Take at the Master Cleanse Application

By Athena Hunter

The Master Cleanse might be also known as the lemonade diet. It has also already been referred to as the maple syrup diet. While the diet program was invented in 1941, it didn't gain notoriety until it began being employed as a fat reduction system by major celebrities and important bloggers. We thought it would be smart to really examine this system. This write-up will examine the origins of the plan and if it's safe for use. If you'd like to find out about the master cleanse or are looking at this sort of serious diet, keep reading.

The Master Cleanse was developed in 1941 by Stanley Burroughs. It is a liquid diet that was created to help clean your system of toxins. Burroughs also said that the system could cure ulcers and panacea. The basic plan is that by taking on this cleanse you can get rid of all of the harmful things in your system. It also can allow you to reduce cravings for foods and bad substances. The Master Cleanse diet, as a weight loss solution and health product, is pretty basic. You do not have to purchase expensive books (though if you like that kind of thing, one is obtainable). You don't have to have any specific products. All you need is a several simple ingredients.

There are three essential actions to the program: the ease in, the lemonade diet program and the ease out. You can skip the ease in if you want, but don't omit the ease out or you could get sick. Ease in lasts for three days and involves little by little reducing your diet. It begins by ingesting only alive food items like fruits and vegetables and then eating a liquid only diet of broths and smoothies and finishes with a day of orange juice drinking. Once you're done with those three days, the following seven to ten are spent eating only water and special lemonade. The lemonade is manufactured by hand employing very specific ingredients (no store bought stuff except for the maple syrup). During your own ease out, you bring solid foods back into the daily diet.

During this lemonade diet part you will have to take a laxative every day. Some people also drink salted water with their laxatives to raise the level of efficiency and cleansing of the system. This causes your body to work through all of the piled up substances that have been hiding out in your system. You need to be sure to drink a lot of pure water during the day or the laxative could make you dehydrated.

The health and safety and rewards of this diet are still being debated by professionals. You should never be on it for more than two weeks at any given time. If you keep it going for more time than that, it is feasible that you will do some major damage to your system. Ask a family doctor if the Master Cleanse really can benefit you or if there are way too many risks.

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