Thursday, January 17, 2008

Essential Fatty Acid Facts Everyone Needs to Know

There have been thousands of studies that reveal the importance of having essential fats in our diets. A lot of people think "FAT" oh no! Please let me explain.

I personally had the extreme anguish of watching my daughter go through 4 years of an eating disorder where at 70 lbs and 14 years of age, she was tormented by the thought of fats. It's much too long of a story to delve into here but the end of the story is that she has fully recovered, has been at her goal weight and above for over a year now.

During this time I learned that fats make up over 30% of our brain. That without fats we positively cannot live. Ok, so in western industrialized nations, we have overdone it a bit. We have, for the last 80 years, used the wrong kinds of fats in our diets, in our baking, in our cooking. Fast foods are economical, quick, easy, tasty but "bad", sorry to say.

If you can stay away from pastries topped with sugary icing, dough nuts, deep fried foods, McDs, BK, stay away from trans fats and learn to consume Omega-3s in sufficient quantity then you are making a dynamic shift that can completely alter your life, extend your life and improve your chances for meaningful contribution while you grace the earth.

Here are some benefits from Omega-3s:

*Optimal Heart Health - Omega-3s are the No. 1 heart attack prevention method recommended by hundreds of cardiologists.

*Optimal Brain Function - Omega-3s fats work better in the brain that trans fats. Eat more Omega-3s for brain health.

*Optimal cardiovascular system - Omega-3s not only cure arrhythmias but also provide a better patch for tears in the arteries.

*Optimal Mental health and Mood - Several psychiatrist have shown marked improvement in mood disorders when a diet high in omega-3s are introduced to patients.

*Optimal Joint health - Omega-3s are a natural anti-inflammatory and therefore cause joint troubles to melt away.

Recent studies point to improved mental function in later years. We can't make the claim (yet) that it prevents Alzheimer disease, but early results are extremely promising.

Let me put it this way, essential fatty acids may not cure everything but it's very difficult for the body to stay healthy without Omega-3s.

Do not treat supplements the way we tend to treat medicines. Treat Omega-3s as food. It's important to know the tolerated and optimal dosages. Two capsules of omega-3s are better than none, but treat omega-3s as food. Eat fish that is deemed safe and not toxic from heavy metals.

But to be get on the right track and to begin to reverse the decades generational deficiency, then treat omega-3s like food.

We don't take a teaspoon of eggs in the morning and say we are done eating for the day, now do we?

There is no harm to taking 3-4 grams of pure EPA/DHA omega-3s per day. The only exception would be for a person who is on blood thinners, then it's are still essential but check with your prescribing physician as to a permissible dosage.

So what happens when we decrease the bad fats and ingest the good fats? Most people modulate and tend to lose weight.

Body chemistry and cell function improves because the right fats are available for cell function and brain function. Arteries are rejuvenated by silky fats transporting the cholesterol instead of junky, clumpy fats getting jammed and stuck in dangerous places.

Life is just better with proper nutrition and that starts with essential fatty acids.

Author Resource: Garey Simmons writes about heart health from the perspective
of someone who was diagnosed with high risk of heart disease, elevated triglyceride count, and suspect family history. Garey studied for several years to acquire an interesting perspective on the natural means of reversing heart disease. Sign up for a free e-course on the secrets of heart health at

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