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Essential Oils For Preventing And Treating Nail Fungus

Nail fungus is just like any nail or skin disorder that can be cured and prevented by artificial means such as creams that should be applied topically to kill the fungus from the outside. There are also some pills to be taken orally to kill the fungus from the inside. Some of these products are usually recommended by dermatologists while some products can be bought even without the doctor’s prescription. On the other hand, there are also home remedies that are very natural as well as less expensive. Natural oils have been a part of home remedies for all sorts of health disorder. The popular essential oils are prevalent in curing different ailments and disorders such as hair fall, eczema and even nail fungus.

Tea tree oil, also known as melaleuca oil, is used for treating several conditions such as dandruff, boils, athlete’s foot and acne. Nail fungus is also included in the list of conditions that this natural antibiotic can cure. The tea tree oil came from the extracts of the native tree in Australia called Melaleuca Alternifolia. Tea tree oil is a very effective essential oil because it contains anti-fungal and antiseptic compounds that are best for killing fungus and preventing the fungus’ development in the nails and nail beds. It is also an excellent skin disinfectant as well. Purchase the item that says one hundred percent pure tea tree oil. It must be applied on the affected nail and skin at least two or three times every day. If it is used at fingernail, it would take at least six months before the nail is completely cured. However, if it used at toenails, it would take much longer, about eight to twelve months depending on the severity of the nail fungus.

The oil from the extracts of oregano leaves is also used as natural oil in treating toenail and fingernail fungus. Oregano oil is considered by many as the best anti-fungal oil ever. However, this is oil is stronger compared to tea tree oil. It may cause irritation for some who have sensitive skin so it is best to seek advice from those who are professional in skin care. In case this happens, you may combine oregano oil with a few drops of aloe or olive oil. Use something that would get the oil mixture under your nail such as toothbrush or cotton buds. Some testifies that after using oregano oil, using natural solvents will make the essential oil more effective in killing the fungus living in the nails. This is because the natural solvent allows the oregano oil to penetrate through the nails and skin faster. As a result, the affected area will dry and heal faster.

There are more essential oils that can help prevent and cure nail fungus. This includes lavender oil, clove oil, and more. However, like any other medicine or remedies, you must first analyze your skin condition (if you have an allergy to that certain oil or if you have sensitive skin) to avoid further damage in the nail and in the skin as well.

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