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Five Proven Methods for Rapid Fat-Loss

Have you reached a plateau in your fat loss efforts? What is the reason for your having trouble shifting that 10 or 15 pounds that will make you look really good? Or let me ask you this way : do you want to avoid plateaus as you attempt to reach your goals in muscle building and fat loss?

The key to fat loss is an elevated metabolism. Try this five proven strategies to spark your sluggish metabolism and smash through stagnation in your quest for a lean, mean physique.

  1. Eat your breakfast latest 30 minutes after waking.
    Do you know people that perform their exercise first thing in the morning without some form of breakfast? Off course you do They have false belief that they are tapping into fat stores and forcing their body to burn fat for fuel.

This misinformation is very old, outdated long time ago and it was created during research performed on obese subjects. I can give you numerous physiological reasons why it is a terrible decision for healthy people to avoid nutritional support before exercise in the morning. The essence is that you cannot dictate the type of fuel you want your body to utilize during exercise.

Exercising in morning, on an empty stomach induces huge amount of muscle breakdown, (along with a small amount of fat loss). This is sure way for getting even slower metabolism and a body that quickly learns to hoard fat, not burn it. After sleep your metabolism has slowed down. Breakfast kick-starts your metabolic rate and creates an instant anabolic environment within the body.

This is one of the best meals you can take before your weight lifting. Try eating portion of cooked oats with a handful of raisins mixed with milk and a scoop or two of whey isolate about 30minutes before hitting the gym. This breakfast is nutritionally perfect for building muscle and takes less than 5 minutes to prepare.

  1. Increase number of meals not calorie intake.
    This is powerful strategy and those who master it are enjoying great results. But this simple, highly effective strategy is often overlooked by bodybuilders and body shapers. Calorie restriction slows down your metabolism rate very much.

As soon you feel your fat burn results stagnate, simply increases your meal frequency without increasing total calorie intake. You can do it by dividing your daily calorie intake into more meals. Just add one or two sneaks or small meals to your daily meal plan. Remember, we are not talking about increasing total calorie intake; we are merely subdividing the total daily intake into smaller meals. If you find this difficult just visit my web site and you will be amazed how simple this is with having good recourses.

  1. Eat more vegetables.
    You want super lean, healthy body? If you do, simply increase your vegetable intake. Why vegetables are so good for our fat loss? There are few reasons but most important to know is that vegetables are high bulk but low calorie content. These foods are the secret to effective fat loss; they are naturally high in fiber yet low in calorie content.

Start doing it and you will tricks the metabolism into staying elevated because of the large volume of food the body has to process. This one is simple. Increase your vegetable intake and this will definitely enhance your fat loss results. It is simple as that. You can get more information about proper diet and other aspects of fast muscle building but only if you implement them you will see how potent they are.

  1. More water, more water, more water....
    I assure you there is sound physiological rational behind. As you know muscle and other tissues are 80% water. When muscle cells get dehydrated by only 1 or 2%, a catabolic process is triggered.

If you maintain this catabolic environment habit in your body this makes it impossible to recover and gain results from your training. Normal or increased water intake (especially when accompanied by nutrients such as micronized glutamine and creatine) increases muscle cell volume. This switches on anabolic process and the creation of new tissue within cells. The synthesis of new, lean tissue will cause an increase in metabolic rate, so drink up!

  1. Best time to consume a substantial portion of daily calories is after exercise.
    Intense exercise accelerates the metabolism tremendously. But it also creates a tremendous amount of tissue breakdown. If you don't have proper nutrition after training, a loss of lean tissue can be the end result. Losing muscle tissue slows down the metabolism and this is the surest way to stagnate any attempt at fat loss.

The post workout period is crucial for boosting the metabolism and therefore for improving body composition. Research demonstrates that nutrients consumed in the hours following a workout are shuttled directly to muscles to boost the metabolism and repair damaged tissue. Nutrient consumption in the post-workout period does not interfere with the fat loss process.

I recommend bodybuilders that want to gain lean mass should consume a significant portion (approx 25-35%) of their daily calorie intake during the 3-hours following resistance training. In our program this is explained in detail. There are off course much more details to this and previous points from this article. Most important is to understand that muscle building - fat loss is not rocket science and with proper helps and guidance one has to see results very soon.

So there you have it, five research-proven ways to boost metabolism and ensure you overcome any stagnation in your fat loss attempts. How many of these strategies do you currently follow?

Author Resource: Sasha James

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