Monday, February 9, 2009

Home Remedies for Snoring

By Richard S. Graham

For as long as people have been known to snore there have been solutions. Many problems are caused by the sounds of snoring for those closest to the offender, as well. Sufferers are always looking for ways to end their pain, and so there are countless remedies to end the noise.

Shedding any extra pounds is one way that can help with snoring. There is a correlation between snoring and obesity and one way to stop snoring is to lose weight. It will also make you healthier overall.

Avoid alcohol before going to bed at night. Those who drink too much alcohol before bedtime tend to snore more than others. If you find that you've only got a snoring problem when you've consumed alcohol, this may be the answer.

If you are a smoker, quitting smoking is the best way to stop snoring. Studies have shown that many more smokers snore than do non smokers, given no other underlying medical condition. Smoking irritates the air passageways as well as create excess congestion and mucous, making it harder to breathe normally.

Not only can snoring be bothersome it could be a sign of a medical problem. You can always try strips or a humidifier, but if all fails, do seek a medical advice. Your doctor needs to know your history and your patterns from you and your partner in order to make the correct diagnosis. For example, if the doctor decides that your snoring is caused by restrictions in your air passages, a simple surgery may cure your problem.

Remember, however, that your health may depend upon seeing the doctor for a total checkup if you're unable to stop this problem by yourself. When you see a doctor, it's a good idea to bring along someone who's witnessed the snoring. You may find it tough to answer all the questions about the snoring. Most likely you don't know how or when you are snoring, but your partner does.

Serious health problems could arise for you and even your partner from a lack of sleep. You will be less productive if you do not get enough rest. You risk falling asleep in dangerous situations. As much as you may find it hard to believe snoring is not as simple of a problem as you might think.

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