Thursday, February 12, 2009

Osteopathic Back Pain Treatment for Pregnant Women

By Andrew Mitchell

Pregnancy puts an enormous amount of strain upon a woman's body. To be sure, bearing life is no easy task! The average amount of weight gain put on during pregnancy is fourteen kilos and those fourteen (or more!) kilos can put a lot of strain upon a woman's spine and back muscles. A great deal of pregnant women living in the United Kingdom have found that the advice given to them by osteopathic practitioners is the easiest to follow and helps to relieve the back stress a great deal. This article explains some tips given to pregnant women by osteopaths:

1. Do not be afraid to exercise! Unless a medical professional puts you on bed rest, it is perfectly okay to exercise while you are pregnant. Your body may not be able to handle the stress of your "usual" workouts, but with a few adjustments, there is no reason that you should not follow your old work out schedule. Focus on exercise that controls your heart rate"you do not want to go over 145 bpm. Core training and strength training exercises like lunges and squats as well as walking and swimming can help you stay in shape and keep back pain at bay while you are pregnant.

2. Massages are often recommended by osteopaths who treat pregnant women. Tension builds up along the spine and in the muscles in pregnant women's backs and massage can help release it. The extra weight put on during your pregnancy can take quite a toll. Many women also have to deal with a lot of emotional stress as they transition from their old lives and into the life of being a parent. An osteopath will work with you to help you identify ways that you can release your tension.

3. An Osteopath will work with you to figure out a well rounded and nutritious diet that will keep you and your baby nourished properly. The "do not eat" list of food for pregnant women gets longer and longer every day but your osteopath will help decide upon a sensible diet that does not force you to eat food that is harmful to your baby. Eating a nutritionally balanced diet while you are pregnant will ensure that your body and your baby's body are as healthy as they can be.

Osteopaths believe in treating the whole body and not just specific symptoms. Together you and your osteopath will work to figure out the specific physical and emotional triggers that cause your back pain and will invent a plan to deal with those triggers to help your back stay pain free during your pregnancy.

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