Monday, June 1, 2009

BodyTalk System: Can It Restore You To Natural Health?

By Donna Burick

With the progression of our society, the view of healing has taken a curve in the road from letting the body to heal on its own with no or very little aggressive intervention by healers to the use of aggressive treatments that can be invasive and cause drastic changes to the body. However, a new system of healing has arrived and is most appropriately called the BodyTalk System. This healing method is quite fascinating and is very effective in a variety of ways.

The Theory of the BodyTalk System

The human body is composed of many systems that interconnect and are interrelated with each other. If someone is in an ideal state of health and remains in constant communication, then that persons chance to be in ideal health are great. When these lines of communication are broken among the various bodily systems and even among the most basic unit in a certain system, the body will begin to experience not only symptoms of illnesses but may even have a tendency toward injuries. With this new system, the communication lines can be restored and health is regained.

The BodyTalk System borrows extensively from both Eastern and Western healing traditions. The following is included in the Western healing tradition: Medical expertise, physics, kinesiology, and mathematics. This is what is included in the Eastern healing traditions: Acupuncture and chiropractic philosophy. As you can see, the BodyTalk System is a continually evolving healing method that takes the time to address human health issues from the physical to the mental aspects which include the emotions.

Open-minded doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, acupuncturists and massage therapists have all been trained to use this system. Optimum results have been noted particularly when a series of sessions are conducted to fully correct the problems. Of course, the client has to be willing to have this treatment done as it is his/her heart and brain that are most affected by this system.

The Practice of the BodyTalk System

What the practitioner of the BodyTalk System does is to act like a troubleshooter to both identify and restore the disrupted communication lines within the human body. In order to do this the practitioner employs neuromuscular feedback; this is a form of biofeedback that relies on the bodys own ability to identify energy circuits within itself. Typically, the client is asked a series of yes and no questions that are supposed to identify the energy blockages as well as disruptions.

When the healer is able to identify them, he/she holds the areas in question while using gentle tapping movements of the sternum and the head. The brain becomes aware of the communication problems and is able to repair them while the heart makes sure that the body incorporates the new information. When ideal balance is restored, the healing process will be able to begin.

The advantages to the BodyTalk System are many, here are 5 of them:

1. This treatment is non-invasive and requires no diagnosis. The only thing that counts is the bodys ability to communicate.

2. It utilizes the bodys innate ability to heal itself and hence requires no aggressive treatments.

3. It can help in the healing process for many types of physical and mental illnesses.

4. No matter what kind of other healing methods are used, this system will complement them. This system can accommodate both Eastern and Western methods.

5. It is often a highly-personalized healing modality that benefits individuals beyond treating their broken bodies.

Indeed, under the right hands of an experienced practitioner, the client can feel better after just one session and with such attributes, it is no wonder that the BodyTalk System fascinates many people.

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