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Discover the Secrets Powers of Vinpocetine and how it can reduce brain cell loss

By Jamie Reese

Vinpocetine is an effective memory enhancer. The main functions of this supplement are to facilitate cerebral metabolism by enhancing cerebral blood flow, intensify production of ATP in brain cells and increased utilization of glucose and oxygen. This all means that, this powerful supplement share several effects of many other cognitive enhancers.

Vinpocetine is ideally used for treating blood flow problems in the brain such as acute stroke, memory related problems, aphasia, apraxia, faintness, headaches and other such cerebral-vestibular problems. It is used for taking care of severe eye related problems that can come about because of various reasons and up to 70% of the problems have been resolved. Apart from this, Vinpocetine is also effective in treating auditory problems that are related to the nervous system. It is also an effective memory enhancer.

Improper blood flow to the brain is the most important reason that there is a significant lowering of thinking abilities which comes up along with problems like growing old, keeping track of names, appointments and directions to places. Also, forgetting things and getting perplexed can happen quite a bit if there is improper flow of blood to the brain.


Studies have revealed that Vinpocetine is a substance which can save the brain from getting numerous memory related problems by making sure that there is better blood flow to the brain. This benefits those who are already under the scanner for some of the slight problems associated with increasing age and consequently lowered memory.

Vinpocetine is a derived form of an extract from the ancient periwinkle plant. It is also considered as an evergreen under-shrub. This shrub is native of Europe and has been in assessment for fighting brain stroke and age-associated crumble in brain function. Only just a few years before, Vinpocetine was made available in the U.S. It is not sold as a prescription medication alike in the European countries, but as a non-prescription dietary medication.

Vinpocetine is also known to enhance the flow of oxygen in the brain by boosting levels of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) which is the primary energy giver of the body. Those people who seem to suffer from regular strokes can find relief in this surplus of oxygen. Because of these frequent strokes such individuals can possibly suffer from other issues which could resemble Alzheimer's disease. Vinpocetine can even save your brain from damages that result from brain strokes.

Extensively analyzed in European community, Vinpocetine is found to be effective in treating symptoms such as motor disorders, acute stroke and dizziness. Some research studies also reveal that there are more chances of improving visual insight and hearing impairment. Healthy people even can experience improved short-range memory using Vinpocetine.

Also, according to a new study, Vinpocetine has been helpful in:

1. Boosting brain power 2. Increasing the amount of glucose released by the brain cells 3. Stopping blood from getting too sticky 4. Improving the skills of remembering and learning 5. Pushing up the levels of 5-hydroxytryptamine and neurotransmitters 6. Making the brain more tolerant 7. Improving brain's working order 8. Making eye sight much better 9. Taking care of moodiness, low feelings and sleep related problems 10. Tackling tinnitus and many different auditory problems


When you consider that in the long run, Vinpocetine is an important nutritional supplement it seems to overshadow the immediate benefits that it provides in boosting oxygen supply and supply of nutrients to the brain. It's best if women who are expecting a baby or who are breastfeeding don't take it. Also, if you take Vinpocetine over a long period of time when there can be a few low BP problems. Some other side effects are giddiness, dehydrated mouth, sleepiness, facial redness, feeling woozy, headaches, sleeplessness, irregular heartbeats and temporary low BP.

Overall, it is an effective dietary supplement for boosting proper cognitive function of your brain

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