Friday, January 15, 2010

Can Foot Orthotics Do You Any Good?

Do you know what orthotics is? You must have heard of foot orthotics but do you have any idea where the term came from?

Actually, orthotics is a general terminology for a health profession which is concerned with the development of orthoses. Orthoses are devices that support and promote correct musculoskeletal deformities or abnormalities. Orthotists are how you call the professionals engaged in the field. People who benefit from this science are usually those with orthopedic conditions like scoliosis, or fractures sustained from injuries or strokes. People with congenital abnormalities like cerebral palsy or spina bifida may also get substantial help from orthotics.

Now, perhaps the most commonly known orthotics is the foot orthotics. They provide relief to foot problems that are often painful (injuries). They are also great for people who stand or walk for long periods as part of their job or daily routine. In sports, these orthoses for the feet are known to help increase endurance, strength, and performance. You see, athletic people move a lot and give great amounts of pressure on their feet. Of course, slight imbalances in the feet are usually not harmful, however, repeated occurrences may cause injury. Orthotics work by doing away with the need for the muscles to compensate for the imbalances. This, in turn, will reduce foot fatigue and enhance muscle function, resulting to an overall better performance.

Overweight individuals also benefit from foot orthoses. They take advantage of them by letting the orthoses counteract the extra stress on the feet coming from their body weight. As you know, minor problems may aggravate when proper precautions are not taken. The legs can only support such weight to some extent. Eventually, they may have to give up.

As already mentioned, the science of foot orthotics is especially beneficial for alleviating and relieving foot fatigue. Sporty individuals and those suffering from overweight are not the only beneficiaries. People suffering from arthritis-old and young alike-are benefactors of this innovation too. Children with foot deformities may also be prescribed with orthoses. Orthoses are for all sorts of people.

If you haven't realized yet, foot orthotics can actually make a real difference in your life. Did you know that a lot of Americans miss their day at work simply because of foot problems? Just because they are foot problems do not mean they can be easily ignored. They can affect the functioning of other body parts like the knees, hips, and back. And when they do, you will fail to go on with your life as you used to or want to.

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