Monday, October 11, 2010

How Effective is Vasectomy In Birth Control

In response to the call for birth control needs, medical experts came up with different methods in such a way that sexual intercourse will not be affected.

The use of condom has been massive in the male population; however, the satisfaction is not guaranteed and there were also cases of accidental formation of birth. Up to this time, the only permanent method for birth control is a vasectomy.

For sterilization purposes, the male mammal's vasa deferentia are cut through a surgical operation called Vasectomy. This method is considered to be the most effective and permanent way to control birth.

Though the effect of vasectomy is permanent, and satisfaction from sexual intercourse is not affected, many younger males still hesitate to undergo this surgical operation for two main reasons. The first reason is they are still planning to have babies in the future and the second reason is that they are afraid of the negative effects of this birth control method. This is the reason why males who undergo this birth control method are those in the later 30's and early 40's.

While vasectomy is considered as a very good way for controlling birth, complications cannot be avoided. Accordingly, PVPS or post-vasectomy pain syndrome is one of the complications a male who underwent the surgery is most likely to have. This includes genital pain with different intensity and the suffering may last for a very long time or even life time. Another complication associated with this birth control surgery is dementia.

Although not yet totally proven by experts, a small percentage of male who had this surgical operation are found to have developed dementia. The link between these two is not yet given much research and this phenomenon starts to be a favorite subject for both mental experts and doctors specializing in birth and birth control.

Though complications associated with vasectomy were noted in the past, more than half of those who had this still attest that they are quite satisfied with the result. Decision to undergo or to have this birth control method is a personal matter between the couple.

Before deciding to undergo this permanent birth control, talk with your spouse and you might as well see the doctor together. Listen to what the doctor is going to say about the effects, the outcomes, and the complications. The doctor surely has some measures to advice in order to prevent the complications from arising.

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