Monday, September 29, 2014

The Nutritional Benefits Of Honey

By Jaclyn Hurley

Honey is actually very nutritional. It is made by bees. Bees usually swallow, digest, and regurgitate nectar to make it. People like this product simply because it is sweet and is able to curb certain health problems faster without any noticeable side effects. In fact, you need it at all times even if you are taking other medicines. This is because it heals faster and can actually provide your body with extra energy. Explored in this article are some of the nutritional benefits of honey.

The wonderful healing properties of this particular product have been known since the ancient times. It is actually a very strong anti-bacterial and is a great remedy for many common health complications. The product is known to improve your health in countless ways. This is because of the nutritional value it has over other sweeteners out there. So, you need to prefer it to other sweeteners which have side effects.

It is worth to note that the flower nectar mostly comprises of water and sucrose. After the bees add enzymes on nectar, a certain chemical compound is formed. This compound converts the sucrose into glucose and fructose. The water found on nectar evaporates and the resulting product is bacteria-resistant. That is why honey is has the greatest amount of carbohydrates.

The recent research that has been done indicates that this particular product has eighty percent of natural sugar. This sugar comprises of glucose and fructose. Eighteen percent of it is water. The product is of good quality due to low water content. Two percent comprises of pollen, proteins, and minerals. The available minerals include copper, calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, manganese, potassium, and phosphorus. Vitamins are B6, riboflavin, amino acids, niacin, and thiamine.

This particular product is said to curb heart diseases and cancer. The reason is because it contains antioxidants that prevent the risk of suffering from certain types of cancer and the heart failure. They type of antioxidants found in this particular product are very effective and can make you recover quickly from these types of ailments. Suppose that you suffer from any type of cancer or heart disease, make sure you eat a lot of honey.

This product also helps reduce ulcers and other gastrointestinal disorders. Research done recently shows that the product is able to curb ulcers and bacterial gastroenteritis as quickly as possible. People who suffer from ulcers are therefore advised to include honey in their daily diet plans.

It is also said to be good for athletes. In the past, athletes would eat honey in order to enhance their performance, especially when running long distances. It has now been verified with the modern studies that the product maintains glycogen levels, as well as improving the recovery time than most sweeteners.

The product also helps with coughs, especially the buckwheat type. During a particular study, a single dose of this product could relieve nocturnal cough and allow proper sleep. In fact, you only need to taste a little of this product and within an hour or so the cough will stop. It is also recommended by most physicians as a cure for chest complications.

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