Sunday, November 2, 2014

Little Known Facts On Herbs That Heal

By Lilia Moody

More than any other wealth or property that people treasure, health remains as a top priority. Day by day, hospitals, laboratories, and research facilities strive to combat diseases by each doing their role in the greater picture that is human life. Herbs that heal started as a fallacy in the stories of folklore and myths, now, it has taken center stage.

Along with the increase of newly discovered ailments, several drug corporations also discovered what these medicinal herbs are capable of. Treatment will not be limited to IVFs, capsules, tablets, elixirs, and syrups. Previously known as backyard or home remedies, you will be amazed that they can be the heroes in your medicine cabinet too.

Looking at the most common diseases, you will find out what wonders work best for it. The number one suspect in poor health now is high blood pressure or hypertension. Garlic is known to lower down levels of cholesterol in the bloodstream. For infections, garlic is also a trusted remedy.

Bitter melon or bitter gourd will put a bittersweet temperament to sweet teeth. They must understand and control their urge to consume sweets to better cure their diabetes mellitus. Cancer patients, as well as those who have hemorrhoids, will love bitter melon as this bitter wonder may be the very thing to cure them.

Talking about diabetes, cinnamon adoring foodies are assured of having lower blood sugar levels. But take note, nutritionists recommend to take only the water soluble form of the herb. Consuming it in larger doses pose a dangerous risk to your body.

Known for its fragrance, sandalwood was discovered as a beauty product. Its bark, when used as a paste, was assured to make your skin supple and free from blemishes. It is a nice feeling to know that while you are making your skin become attractive, you are also basking in its sweet scent, acting as a substance for aromatherapy.

Foods spiced up with rosemary are just about what patients with cancer will enjoy. Aside from being treated, they get to satisfy themselves gastronomically. Rosemary stops the cancer cells from forming and mutating. Its antioxidant components fights off carcinogens, the very substance which causes the cancer cells to develop.

Another commonly used kitchen buddy is ginger, You might also say that this one cures several illnesses. For stomachaches and motion sickness, ginger is the answer. It also has anti inflammatory and anti nausea properties. Currently, ginger is said to also remedy ovarian cancer and arthritis.

Two top reasons to choose herbs that heal over drugs are, it is less expensive, and it has no side effects that will further discomfort you while you are in a period of healing. You can now officially say thank you to Mother Nature for providing you with kitchen goodies and health partners. Choose wisely and choose to use what is natural.

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