Thursday, October 30, 2014

8 Healthy Spices Scientifically Proven To Promote Health

By Claudette Lambert

Many scientific studies have been conducted in an attempt to uncover the power behind healthy spices and herbs against illnesses. What is more is that they have been claimed to combat major illnesses ranging from cancer to Alzheimer's disease. In countries as India where people commonly use herbs, reports for cancers and heart diseases are claimed low. But when people move out and practice the eating pattern in the West, a rate increase is reflected. Researchers often attributed the case to American diets being fatty and meaty. Others have still blamed the decreased spice or herb intake for this.

People who are suffering from upset stomachs or sore throats might want to consider sipping sage tea. Studies have shown that effective relief results from spraying throats with solutions made of sage. The herb also has compounds that relieve Alzheimer's disease symptoms. These prevent the destruction of brain chemical, acetylcholine, the main component for learning and memory.

Rosemary comes with positive effects on better memory as well as alertness. It is often utilized in marinating not only poultry but meats as well. There is scientific knowledge behind this tradition actually. Rosemary has acids and various antioxidant compounds. These fight bacteria, thus preventing meats from getting spoiled.

If you have found yourself suffering from a wound, then you might want to have the target areas applied over with a turmeric paste. You can also take this herb in for relief of colds and other respiratory issues. The solid benefits turmeric can offer people have been supported by modern medicine. It contains curcumin which is a compounds containing antioxidant as well as anti-inflammatory properties.

Chilies are great for creating heat sensations whether mild or fiery. They are also especially prized in areas that have hot climates because spice can help trigger natural cooling systems within the body. Studies have shown that capsaicin can rev up body metabolism. This can also boost the burning of fats although juries still are not sure on whether this can translate to long-term loss of weight.

Ginger has traditionally been used for relieving stomach troubles and cold. It is rich in compounds that fight inflammations, for example, gingerols which can also fight cancers and reduce arthritis pain. There are studies that have associated injections of ginger extracts to the relief of osteoarthritis pain often experienced in the knee and of stomach pain.

For appetite boost or perhaps, indigestion relief, consider taking in cinnamon. Research studies suggested that adding of cinnamon to food gives you a greater chance to control your blood sugar. Such will lead you from the dangers of suffering diabetes. However, know that effects can, at most, be limited.

Saffron is known for being a good mood lifter. It is often steeped into medical teas or used during rice preparation. Saffron is reported to contribute to the relief of PMS or premenstrual syndrome and of depression.

Most beneficial to women, who are much more prone to breast cancer, experts have suggested taking in of parsley. This is one of the healthy spices that have properties inhibiting breast cancer cell development. Studies exhibited that animals given the parsley compound, apigenin, have benefited from increased resistance to cancer tumor development.

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