Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bach Flower Remedies For Natural Healing

By Frank Terne

Dr. Edward Bach is the creator of the Bach flower remedies, a therapeutic treatment that manages emotions in order to achieve individual wellness. This method that originated from Britain was Dr. Bach's attempt to help patients heal by being a more balanced person emotionally without relying on modern medicine. Initially, he tried with the latter, but could never acquire satisfactory results.

Eventually, Dr. Bach discovered his theory that a person's health and wellness are tied intricately with his or her emotions. With this knowledge, he categorized 38 different emotions that every individual has. These emotions could affect a person depending on how balanced they were, positively or negatively.

The remedies provide a healing method that is as natural as it gets. This source is a mixture of flowers and fauna that Dr. Bach realized could help achieve a balanced emotional state in a living being. Once this balanced state was achieved, the patient would find a great ability to heal or put him or herself in a better position to get better.

The best advantage of relying on Bach's flower remedies is that it is rare for anyone to experience any side effects from its use. Only if one is allergic to alcohol, which is used in minute quantities as a preservative, would the remedies be ineffective. Even though it does not help directly cure any specific medical condition, it puts a person in a perfect state to do so with greater results.

The essences are created directly from flowers. They contain the beneficial energy vibrations from nature that we all need. By mixing them with mineral still water, they are then consumed, while using a dash of alcohol preservative to maintain their shelf life.

The flower remedies have now been shown to heal individuals who suffer from a myriad of conditions. These range from simple headaches to complicated issues like an inability to move their lives forward due to past experiences. It is therefore seen that when brought to a more peaceful emotional state, most individuals are able to arrive in a better health condition.

Bach's natural therapy can also be used to help animals and plants. We know that animals have emotions just like us and thus treatable in the same manner. But not many realize that plants also own energies that are akin to emotional states in humans.

There are so many benefits to using Bach flower essences that an increasing number of doctors are enthusiastic about their qualities. There will be some time before the therapy reaches the mainstream as it slowly reaches out to more people. As modern medicine carries its own risk, natural methods like Dr. Bach's flower remedy might be more favorable for use.

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