Sunday, March 29, 2009

An Alternative to Drugs - Natural Stress Relief

By Stephen Jablonski

Stress and anxiety are on the rise; we live in a busy-busy world so it's no wonder. And more and more people are looking for help coping with the extra stress. It used to be that prescription drugs were the first choice because they produced such fast results. But their side-effects and addictive qualities have cause natural stress relief alternatives to become more popular.

Natural stress relief remedies are not new. They've been used for thousands of years. Much of our modern drug industry is in fact based on old herbal remedies. They have the double benefit of not being addictive and also not carrying any severe side-effects. They're also almost always less expensive too. There's also another big difference.

Herbal remedies work with your body, not against it. While drugs work by just relieving the symptoms, these natural products work by strengthening the body's nervous system. They assist the body in its work to keep the proper hormonal balance in line. That makes it much more possible for your body to handle the stress you see every day.

It's good to remember that herbal-based remedies will take longer than drugs to achieve their effects. That's because they have a much milder effect on the body's systems. But this is a good thing. That's why they're non-addictive and that's why your body responds so well to them.

While natural remedies and their effectiveness, have been known for a long time, they weren't documented until relatively recently. Now there is literally massive amounts of research proving that herbs and other botanical treatments simply work. It's no longer anecdotal, it's been lab tested.

If you're looking for specific herbs, here's a brief list. Lemon Balm from Southern Europe was known to the ancient Greeks as a medicinal agent. Valerian from Europe and Asia has active calming qualities. Kava from Polynesia can soothe your nerves while still keeping your mind alert. And the list goes on.

You can find nearly all of these supplements fairly easily at your health food store. And you'll also find that they come in different varieties and formulations. Take Valerian for instance. You can usually find it sold as a tea, a tincture, or even in capsule form. There's a lot of variety to choose from.

When searching for a real stress relief supplement, take a look at natural remedies. They've been working for literally centuries and they're still working today. They're a very positive alternative to pharmaceutical drugs.

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