Wednesday, May 27, 2009

BodyTalk System: Can It Heal The Human Mind and Body?

By Donna Burick

The BodyTalk System is a fascinating combination of the healing methods of both Eastern traditional practices and of Western medicine and science that have proven to be very effective. The Eastern practices have all withstood the test of technology and time. Being an alternative healing method, it promotes wellness in the human body and mind by working with it instead of against it. When you are at your wits end and are sick and tired of going to doctor to doctor, you may wish to turn your attention to the BodyTalk System. If you have an open-minded doctor, you may want to mention this system to him/her. However, do not be discouraged if they do not recognize this system as a viable treatment.

Physical Ailments

The BodyTalk System facilitates the healing process either as a stand alone therapy or in conjunction with other healing modalities. These healing methods can include any of the Western type treatments involving drugs, injections and surgery as well as the Eastern treatment forms like yoga and acupuncture. The emphasis is in the complementation property inherent in the BodyTalk System.

This system addresses almost all of the most common physical ailments: reproductive disorders, intestinal parasites, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, arthritis, chronic and acute infections, digestive disorders, allergies, organ and endocrine dysfunctions back and body pain, headaches, chronic fatigue syndrome. Other practitioners and clients have reported significant improvements when being treated for sports injuries. You want to keep this in mind " each session is designed to treat a specific imbalance in the body before trying to tackle the next health concern. This will avoid body overload.

Mental Concerns

The BodyTalk System also addresses mental and emotional concerns that are often the root cause of the physical symptoms manifested by the body. These concerns include fears and phobias, stress-related illnesses and emotional problems, learning and behavior disorders. Of course, one should not expect instantaneous results although a general feeling of well-being can be experienced after every session.

If you are seeking personal development in order to make your life better, this healing method will be able to help you. Because your sense of well-being in terms of the mental and physical aspects is restored, your sense of self-confidence can be restored as well. To put it another way, you are being healed inside and out.

Sessions Explained

Each BodyTalk session is different. Your own innate wisdom is what your BodyTalk practitioner is guided by in order to work on what is needed for you at the time so that you may have many different experiences each time. Because the healing is energy based, many people prefer to have their sessions either over the phone or long distance. This will help to make the sessions more effective in terms of your time and travel. In your life, you will be surprised at how noticeable and powerful the positive effects of the BodyTalk System really are.

When you have in person sessions, you will be asked to lie down on a massage table in order to relax your whole body. You will also be asked to remove your shoes, watch and jewelry since these things can impede the flow of the treatment. You will keep your clothes as it is not necessary to disrobe.

The BodyTalk System can do wonders for the human body and mind when it is done by an experienced practitioner. By removing any subconscious blocks you may have, you can easily and quickly return to your natural state of health. Think of this as a welcome addition to the healing methods that you are now engaging in to maintain your well-being.

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