Monday, May 4, 2009

Why You Get Acid Reflux and How to Stop It

By Mae Summerville

Food is normally trapped in the stomach by the lower esophageal valve after it has passed through to stop this problem. It is when the esophageal sphincter does not close after food has passed through that the stomach fluids try to escape upwards and that is why it is called acid reflux.Medical science prefers to call the condition: gastroesophageal reflux disorder. At the moment it is considered that a poor diet is the underlying reason for the acid reflux problem but not the main cause of the condition,overeating could also add to the problem and cause unnecessary stress on the stomach and its ability to process food.

It is never wise to eat large amounts at is puts a significant strain on the stomach muscles which in turn results in pressure within the gut itself.something has to give; this being the acid which returns or refluxes back up the esophagus bringing with it the very unpleasant heartburn. Since this valve protects your esophagus from your stomach acid, you need to take care this valve does not allow digested acidic food to pass back into the esophagus. This can be achieved by consuming smaller meals; the incidences of heartburn should reduce. To maintain health your digestive system needs to be healthy so requires looking after if you want to remain in good health as well.this is because the stomach is not only responsible for breaking down our food but also for preparing this food to be converted to specific nutrients that every person needs.

Using drugs and other acid reducing drugs readily available from drugstores will block the natural processes of your stomach on a temporary basis,the problem is these short term remedies can create other problems as they interfere with the natural functioning of the digestive system. It may take a while but the best solution is to make adjustments to your drinking and eating habits which may have caused the acid reflux condition,this should be done for a period of a few months to strengthen your stomach's normal processes. If you can reduce the heartburn occurrences, in time you may well be able to slowly start eating those dishes that have needed to be cut out.

Lifestyle changes extend beyond those of just eating habits as other contributing factors to acid reflux can be:

*Smoking *Food allergies *Prescription medication *Too much alcohol *Lying down after a meal

All this comes down to a lifestyle change which ultimately only you can control,the number of heartburn episodes that occur should diminish. So by watching what you eat and taking care of your health, you stand a better chance of avoiding and clearing acid reflux disorder,this is a decision which only you can make but it should not take Einstein to know what the choice should be!

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