Wednesday, February 27, 2008

ADHD Medications And What You Should Know

Which ADHD medication is right for you? There have been many new medications released for the treatment of ADHD, however they are all stimulants. The introduction of Straterra was a welcomed announcement to most people, especially those who have children that have been diagnosed with it.

In the past, Ritalin and Adderall have both been considered effective, but a lot of parents have heard some bad rumors about Ritalin and do not want to put their children on a stimulant. Ritalin acts as a type of speed but in people with ADHD it neutralizes their brains and causes a calming effect. If someone without ADHD were to take Ritalin, it would act like a speed to them.

Straterra is not a stimulant. This leaves some people very curious about how it then can be effective for treatment. Straterra is the first and only non stimulant drug that has been approved by the FDA. This drug can be taken by children or adults and is effective for both. Straterra works differently than the typical stimulant drugs as it is considered a nor epinephrine reuptake inhibitor.

The benefits of this drug are that it offers relief for the entire day and well into the evening; it gives continuous symptom improvement over a period of time, it does not cause insomnia in adults or children, and there is no potential for abuse because it is not a controlled substance.

When referring to treatments that include the use of stimulants, Ritalin and Adderall are most often used to treat ADHD. The stimulants work in this manner, they block the absorption of dopamine and nor epinephrine which are the two brain neurotransmitters. The result is an increase in the transmission of certain neurons. Stimulant drugs have been known to be very effective with decreasing the levels of not being able to pay attention, and they are less distracted and less impulsive. This results in, especially with children, that they are no longer labeled the “different” kids in class as children with ADHD have a tendency to stand out from the others in class mainly because they are fidgety and lack self control.

The medications that are used to treat are safe and effective but as with any type of medication there can be adverse side effects such as problems with sleeping, stomach aches, headaches, and a loss of appetite, drowsiness, irritability, and nervous tics.

Often parents are fearful of the side effects that this medication can cause but parents should be made very aware that in most children these are safe and effective drugs that result in no side effects whatsoever. The ADHD medication should be taken as directed and to never just stop administering the drug without first consulting your physician.

There have been especially concerning rumors and stories about Ritalin. They often have heard that it is addictive, it might stunt your child’s growth, or it causes a “zombie” like affect on the child. In fact these are not true and can actually be the tools that your child needs to live a normal and productive lifestyle. As always, consult a licensed physician before using any attention deficit disorder drugs.

Author Resource: An airline pilot has ADHD, his son and daughter both have ADHD. Discover what they've found out and how you can get ADD/ADHD help.

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