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Natural Allergy Cures: Discover The Natural Allergy Cures That Work

If you have ever used medication for an allergy, you would have probably noticed that there is a big problem, the medication only treats the symptoms rather than the cause. As soon as you stop taking your medication you'll notice that the symptoms eventually reappear. In this article we take a look at natural allergy cures.

Buying allergy medication can cost you quite a bit of money over the period of a year depending on how often you develop allergies. This is one of the reasons why many people have turned to natural allergy cures to treat the cause of the allergy rather than just the symptoms. In this article we look at some of these natural allergy cures.

Most health experts recommend that we eat five portions of fruit and vegetables each day in order to stay healthy. Doing this is also helps to reduce the symptoms of an allergy. You should aim to eat as close to five portions of fruit and vegetables as possible. Some vegetables that are really good for allergy symptoms include carrots, beet root and cucumbers. If you find it hard to get enough vegetables you may want to consider buying vegetable juice.

Research suggests that foods that are high in nutrients and vitamins such as B5, vitamin and pantothenic acid can help to improve the symptoms of hay fever. If you can't get enough vitamins and nutrients from your diet you may want to take a supplement, however if you can, try to make sure your diet is high in vitamins and nutrients as this can help to keep the immune system in good working order. Consuming yogurt on a daily basis can also help to treat hay fever; the best yogurts to consume are ones that contain healthy bacteria.

Castor oil is not the best tasting oil in the world, however it is brilliant at treating allergies that affect the intestines and nasal passage. Most people mix castor oil in with their fruit juice or vegetable juice, this disguises its taste, and increases the benefits because fruit juice is obviously good for you.

Most supplements will have a positive effect on allergies such as hay fever as they allow the immune system to work at its optimum, so the body can effectively fight the symptoms of an allergy.

In recent times therapy has started to gain popularity as a natural allergy cure. It works on the basis that allergies are the result of the immunes system trying to destroy a harmless substance, which it recognizes as harmful for some strange reason. In allergy therapy the brain is programmed to recognize that these substances are not actually harmful and should not be attacked.

The good thing about natural allergy cures is that they don't only help to clear up allergies, they also keep the body healthy, for example consuming vegetable juice helps to reduce the chances of suffering the symptoms of allergies and also ensures that the body gets the optimum amount of vitamins and minerals.

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