Saturday, February 2, 2008

Shrink Fibroids Naturally - An Emotional Approach

Shrinking or curing fibroids does not have to involve surgery to remove them or drugs to shrink them. Drugs are rarely effective long-term and surgery does not guarantee that fibroids will not return unless a hysterectomy is performed.

Fibroid surgery simply leaves a woman with something else to heal from and can leave her without the ability to have children. Fibroid drugs or surgery seem these days to be the first action, rather than the choice of last resort.

The normal medical response to a diagnosis of fibroids is that if they are not causing any problems is to just do "watchful waiting" - or nothing at all or to go for surgery if they are causing problems.

For those who ask "why me? What has caused my fibroids? most doctors will patiently explain that the causes are unknown. There is however increasing empirical evidence that emotional state may have a significant role in the development of fibroids. In her recent book "Cure Fibroids Naturally" Gillian, who cured her own fibroid naturally identifies several uniquely female issues or traumas that appear to be linked to fibroids. She is not alone in her belief that emotional issues may at least in part lie behind the development of fibroids, Dr Cristian Northrup in her book "Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom" underlines an emotion link to fibroids also.

The good news for fibroid sufferers is that there is another effective way to tackle fibroids that does not preclude any other fibroid treatment. The theory is that by tackling fibroids at the emotional level, as the issues are resolved so the underlying emotional cause of the fibroids is removed and the fibroid simply dissolves away.

For those who understand and accept the concept of the mind-body link, this approach is likely to resonate quite strongly and will feel naturally right.

For those who are more comfortable relying on the medical profession for all of their health solutions, it may be more difficult to accept that there are other alternative fibroid treatments. A gut instinct is that "this is not for me", sometimes however, this may simply be resistance to stopping and dealing with the underlying issue. But the real joy with this approach is that it does not preclude a medical solution, it simply sets out to undermine the emotional issues that may be a causal factor in fibroids.

It strikes me that women with fibroids who have the luxury of a little time or who's fibroids are not actually causing problems, could choose to use this time to take positive action and to try this approach. Clearing out any emotional baggage has the potential to not only positively improve your health and your life but also your body's ability to heal.

Whether you choose a natural healing path or elect for surgery or any other fibroid treatment, you can only improve your ability to heal by dealing with any underlying emotional issues that may be lurking in your subconscious and sabotaging your health.

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G Symond is a successful website author and writer on the benefits of positive thinking and the mind / body link for health and healing.

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