Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Demineralized Water May Not Be Good For Your Health And Body

You may have seen people carrying out large heavy cooler sized jugs of water out of your local big box super store, drug store, pharmacy or health food store. A marvel attesting to the power of modern marketing. This marvel of advertising to influence consumers rivals that of big screen TVs and S.U.V.’s for city dwellers. Not only do these people pay for water, often carry these heavy, bulky, cooler sized jugs up flights of stairs. On top of that all they have to do in most cases in America to get as much clean, cool water as they would ever want in their lifetimes – only by turning on the water tap.

Demineralised water is not always good for you. Health conscious consumers should and need to be aware that while some water types are good for you – demineralised may not and indeed may be "demineralizing" your body and bones.

First of all – what is demineralised water? Demineralised water is water that is said to be completely or almost completely free of minerals. This demineralised water is produced any of a number of way including – boiling (distillation), deionization, filtered through a thin membrane (many of the "pure" water machines that you see in retail outlets along with the large cooler type jugs) or electrodyalisis.

Health experts have also reported that the longer that you drink this "demineralised" water, the more likely are of flushing out vital minerals in your body and as well placing your body into an acid state.

It has been known almost to the beginning of time that minerals in drinking water are good for your health. The beneficial aspects and properties of the minerals and constituents of drinking water (nowadays we refer to it simply as "tap water") were mentioned in the Vedas of ancient India. In the book Rig Veda, the properties of good drinking water were described as follows "Sheetham (told to touch), Sushihi (clean), Sivam (should have nutritive value, requisite minerals and trace elements) , Istham (transparent) , Vimalam lahu Shadgunam (its acid balance should be within normal limits)

Not only can demineralised body have long term health concerns for your body including leaching away the calcium in your bones, but generally the taste is poor, being described as flat. On top of that demineralised water will often not quench your thirst – especially in comparison to regular untreated water.

If you think that demineralized water can play havoc with your and your family"s health – both in the short term and long term look at what it can do to regular household pipes and plumbing. Demineralised water is harsh and very very aggressive. If put into pipes and storage tanks the demineralised water is very aggressive and will attack these metal pipes – leaching the metal and other materials from the pipes and other plumbing materials used in water plumbing. This is the reason why homes can never have plumbing for this safe product "demineralised water".

If that is what demineralized water can do to metal pipes and plumbing imagine what it can do to your sensitive insides of your body.

Author Resource: Margaret S. Mathews Health Care Practitioner Morgellons Research Foundation Com Medical Tourism Marketing http://www.mmedsolution.com/ http://www.fortunacooks.com/ http://www.morgellonsresearchfoundation.com/

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