Friday, April 17, 2009

Andropause What It Does To A Man's Self Worth And Can It Be Reversed

For too many years to count, men have been accused of going through mid life crises; and it is true, many of them do. However, quite a few of the hormonal changes men go through when they reach middle age are much more serious. You may have heard of male menopause, although that phrase is an oxymoron. Men cannot go through menopause because they do not menstruate; there are no periods for them to stop. But they can go through andropause, which is the correct term used to describe what some of us recognize as male menopause.

As both names suggest, the symptoms are very similar to those experienced by women who are going through menopause and pre menopause. A man going through andropause may not experience these symptoms as severely as a woman will, but for him, they are just as serious. For instance, during this stage in his life, a man will begin to go through inexplicable mood swings. His moods will change on a dime, taking him from depressed to happy to frustrated to sad and back again. He may also begin to put on weight and lose muscle strength and definition. His libido may decrease significantly, leaving him disinterested in sex, or even unable to perform the way he did before. Depression is also a risk during andropause. Insomnia, a lack of energy, and even a less functional immune system are all symptoms as well.

For quite some time, as mentioned, most of these symptoms have been discounted. Understandably, the problems women go through during menopause. You see, despite the fact that it has been happening to women for millennium, not a lot is understood about menopause. We do not know why some women go through it earlier than others or why it does not happen to other women until very late in life. All we really know is that it is relegated by hormones. It is thus easy to see why no one know a lot about andropause.

However, we do know that it, too, is relegated by hormones. Where women's bodies are ruled by estrogen, men's are ruled by testosterone. Andropause occurs when the levels of testosterone produced by a man's body begin to decrease. In its way, this wreaks just as much havoc as fluctuating estrogen levels do in women.

Despite this lack of understanding, the effects of andropause can be devastating. However, also in spite of how little is known about it, there are things which can help men deal with their own version of menopause: human growth hormone supplements. Human growth hormone is responsible for aging. It is a naturally occurring protein. When its production begins to decrease, we start to look and feel older due to the symptoms above: weight gain, loss of muscle, fatigue, loss of libido, loss of energy, et cetera.

Human growth hormone supplement are designed to stimulate the pituitary gland. By taking it, you are not pumping your body full of synthetic HGH. On the contrary, your body is simply encouraged to produce more of a hormone that it naturally produces. When you take HGH, your metabolic rate increases and you have more energy, which makes it much easier to lose weight and rebuild muscle. You can sleep better, your memory functions better, and, quite simply, you feel better.

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