Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy for Women

By by Anju Mathur, MD

What is Bioidentical?

Understanding the word bioidentical is important. The word Bio is defined as life; living organism. Identical is defined as being the same. Put the two words together and it means any thing that consists of the same substance that is found in the living organism. The reference of bioidentical is used especially for any natural hormone with the same cell structure as that found in a human body.

Synthetic hormones have been created and are used in this modern day. It is the popular thinking of this day and age that synthetics are used because a human body is incapable of using natural substances to create the hormones it needs - but look at how long mankind has survived with natural substances from mother earth compared to the problems that synthetics cause.

Why replace hormones?

We are what we eat has been a common saying, there is some truth to that because hormones are chemical substances that are produced in the body from the sustenance that we give our bodies. Once manufactured, the hormones are delivered via the blood to different organs to get the functional activity to occur.

After turning 35 years old, the production of hormones lessens each year. There are nearly 40 different hormones that are produced and utilized for different functions in the human body.

For women, during the menopause years, including the time prior to menopause when irregular periods and other symptoms occur is when the first hormone Prosgesterone starts to decline. Indications of the decline can start 15 years before menopause occurs with symptoms that can include being irritable,anxious, etc. The next hormone to dwindle is estrogen which causes hot flashes, vaginal dryness and other symptoms that can last 2 or 3 years and sometimes longer. Following those two hormones, testosterone starts diminishing and with that goes physical stamina, sex drive and tissue degeneration.

Should we just let nature take its course and suffer through? NO!!

What does an imbalance of hormones have to do with cancer?

Estogen hormones come in three different forms: Estrone, Estriol, and Estradiol. One of the forms, Estrone, causes clots and is the one that stimulates the breasts, causing cancer. Estriol is the most beneficial of the three as it has anti-cancer characteristics. The synthetic hormones used in this day and age are derived from horse urine, have no Estriol and has nearly forty percent of equine estrogens which are not compatible with human female hormones.

The natural female cycle in which progesterone is created occurs only 15 days of every month. The usual synthetic progesterone prescription that is given is for each day of the month. A long list of female body problems occur from the synthetic hormones while on the other hand, the natural bioidentical hormones are created from natural sources such as soy or yam and modified to match the human hormones exactly.

Bioidentical progesterone gives improved mood, less irritability, less bloating, a relief from hot flashes, plus a decrease of other symptoms such as digestive problems, flatulence, and loss of memory. Bioidentical progesterone also reduces breast tenderness and reduces vaginal bleeding.

To conclude, synthetic progesterone has adverse affects on the female body creating other problems. The bioidentical hormone replacement therapy naturally brings a balance once again to the hormonal production which creates a higher quality life with happiness with improved cancer, brain and bone protection.

Why is cancer a concern in menopause?

During menopause, the cancer protective hormone, progesterone, drops while the cancer causing hormone estrone rises. Replacing hormones naturally with bioidentical hormones in women brings about the balance once again. Doing so creates a better quality of life that can be enjoyed, one that a women is happy, strong and vibrant.

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