Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Wonders Of Aromatherapy Massage Treatment

Aromatherapy massage treatment is a combination of two kinds of alternative medicine beliefs that have a solid basis regarding how effective they are. On their own, both aromatherapy and massage are quite effective as relief and treatment for various kinds of maladies and afflictions. As a whole, massage treatment, is doubly effective and can target not only specific conditions that can be treated but also alter the mood and atmosphere of a person.

The Concept Of Aromatherapy

In aromatherapy massage treatment, the masseuse usually uses aromatherapy oil in the massage treatment for effective massage therapy. In itself, aromatherapy is a belief that there are certain aromas, scents and smells that can alter the mood and state of a person. Some aromatherapy oils can even give relief or treat maladies and conditions that are quite difficult to cure with modern medicine.

Specific herbs, spices and other plant parts are used in making aromatherapy oil. As they are integrated into the oil, the elements that can give relief or treat maladies are also brought which is why aromatherapy massage treatment works best.

The Concept Of Massage

Massage in itself can give relief and treat many conditions and also alter the mood of a person. Some people say that massage is better at giving relief or broader at it than aromatherapy. In aromatherapy massage treatment, the oils work their cure or relief with the massage's own brand of relief and treatment.

Aromatherapy treatment helps to relieve physical and mental stress and conditions. Sore and over expended muscles can get relief from massage itself but the acting agent of relief to be found in botanicals and their extracts are a great help in relieving the tiredness as well. Mental stress and anxiety can be soothed by the scents and aromas that are inherent in aromatherapy massage treatments. Even in pressure point aromatherapy massage, where pressing the right pressure points count, there can be relief in using aromatherapy oils and scents.

Even when used in ordinary candle burners or aromatherapy diffusers, scents can still work to alter the mood. Aromatherapy massage treatment could also mean just burning aromatics in candle burners instead of using aromatherapy massage oils.

Overall, massage and aromatherapy enhance each other and work well together. A word of caution when one is sensitive to certain botanical and oils since allergic reactions may occur. Some oil bases of the aromatherapy oils can be from nuts which can be the cause of the allergic reaction.

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