Friday, April 24, 2009

Herbal Medicine - Ancient Chinese Secret

For many centuries, Eastern Medicine has employed the use of natural herbs and the techniques of ancient herbalists. Eastern Medicine, most widely defined by the cultures of China and India, is based primarily on the concept of natural healing and the use of plant herbs for the cure, prevention and symptom relief of disease, injury and common illness. Herbalists use a variety of techniques and utilize a multitude of natural plant herbs in their endeavors. Single natural herbs or a mixture of herbs and other ingredients are used to create tonics, salves and aromatherapy mixtures used with vaporizers.

One such natural plant material that has gained widespread popularity with Western Society for use as a preventive measure is ginseng root. Used for at least two millennia in Chinese medicine, ginseng is a common active ingredient that is found in most energy drinks on the market today. Known for its stimulating qualities, ginseng acts as a stress reducer and provides a boost of energy along with increased endurance. Ginseng as a symptom relief is often brewed as a tea and used by some to alleviate fevers, coughs and night sweats associated with menopause. The natural plant material does not have the side effects of many over the counter drugs.

In addition to natural herbal remedies that can be taken internally, herbalists use many parts of a plant to create salves and ointments. Using modern digital equipment, herbalists have the ability to extract the most beneficial active ingredients from organic herbs and use these ingredients to prepare herbal remedies for a number of ailments. Among the most popular of these are pain relief ointments used in sports medicine to treat sprains, joints and sore muscles. Natural plant ingredients are extracted from aloe, St. John's Wort and chamomile to make liniment used to aid in the healing process.

A popular technique widely used in the field of massage therapy makes use of ancient Eastern medicine combined with modern technology. Massage therapists utilize a variety of natural herbs to create healing vapor as part of an aromatherapy process. Therapists use known aromatherapy healing herbs like eucalyptus, sage, lavender and spearmint in an herbal vaporizer to give clients a true aromatherapy experience. By using a digital vaporizer, many therapists are able to provide precise dosing. The most benefit from active ingredients is attained by using an easy valve set. This technique provides the maximum benefit of Eastern medicine through the use of Western technology.

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