Thursday, January 22, 2009

Alternative Healing: A Unique Solution To Everyday Health Ailments

Americans today are busier than ever. Between work, family and other obligations, many people today are over-worked, over-stressed and just plain tired from living their daily lives. Because traditional, modern medicine treats ailments and not day-to-day life, many people are turning to alternative healing methods to help them get through their days.

Boosting Your Immune System

Many people have found that an Echinacea blend is an effective way to naturally boost the body's immune system. The Echinacea helps build a powerful immune system that fights colds, flu, allergies and other infections. Many blends even contain garlic, which acts as a natural antiviral agent and has been laboratory proven to destroy the viruses that can cause upper respiratory infections and the flu. Some of the most effective blends also contain habanero pepper, which increases blood and lymph circulation, making those blends 10 times more effective than Echinacea alone.

The alternative healing powers of Echinacea supplements have been proven to help the body fight everyday ailments. In addition, some have found to kill staph infections, stop urinary tract infections, relieve hives and other allergic reactions and heal bites and stings.

Upping Your Energy Levels Naturally

Most people average about six hours of sleep a night, if they're lucky. With an on-the-go lifestyle and meals that come out of a drive-thru, the majority of people need a little help boosting their energy levels. A regular, drug-store vitamin isn't enough to make up for the severe nutritional deficiency that most people have.

A superfood energy supplement will add 100% of your daily vitamins A, B, C and E, plus over 500% of vitamin B-12, the vitamin responsible for boosting your energy levels. With this alternative healing formula, you'll comprehend more and think clearer than you ever have before.

Reducing Pain

If just getting out of bed after your six hours of sleep is making you ache and groan out loud, try a deep heating oil. A mixture of wintergreen oil, botanical menthol and habanero pepper can reduce inflammation, pain and increase circulation, making you feel ready for anything physical that comes your way.

If the deep heating oil is combined with a deep tissue repair oil, dramatic results can be seen. Effective ingredients in a deep tissue repair oil are arnica flower, calendula flower and St. John's wort flower. The combination of the alternative healing herbs speeds up the healing process for broken bones, torn and strained muscles, tendons and ligaments and everyday cuts and bruises.

With the right blend of Echinacea, superfood, deep heating oil and deep tissue repair oil supplements, you'll feel more alert, get sick less often and eliminate joint pain from your life. If you're feeling sluggish, tired all the time and battling the same cold, give alternative healing methods a try.

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