Thursday, January 22, 2009

Anxiety Cures: Five All Natural Tips for Treating Your Anxiety

Anxiety can wreck havoc on your life and make you feel completely helpless. People suffering from anxiety may need immediate and specific help from a medical health professional and that help may require prescription medication, counseling, and committed support from family and friends to implement a treatment plan. However, many cases of anxiety can be treated effective natural methods that are simple and inexpensive.

One: Behavior Therapy

Learning to change your thinking and your behavior patterns to situations of stressful and uncomfortable events can provide great relief. This is getting to the source of your anxiety and understanding the triggers that lead to attacks. Approaching this in a step-by-step manner allows you to chisel away at your reactions to otherwise normal social situations. By recognizing things in advance and examining your thinking patterns and reactions, you can be proactive and preventative so that you stop the attacks before they start. An excellent approach to this can be through guided imagery.

Two: Get a New Life(style)

Many habits in our daily lives are bad for us and can be pinpointed and changed to improve our overall well being. This is particularly important for someone who suffers from anxiety because balance is very important for an anxiety sufferer. Balance is one of the things they lack in their lives so achieving a healthy balance can do much to relieve symptoms. Changing from a sedentary lifestyle to an active one, improving your diet, establishing a better sleep schedule, and spending time to relax can help promote the secretion of endorphins, the happiness hormone, into the body.

Three: Alternative Remedies

Certainly antidepressant medication is a necessary treatment for some. However, the side effects are often severe and can create more issues that must be addressed with more drugs. There are natural therapies and remedies that can help manage your anxiety and not only help you avoid drugs, but for some, under the advice of their doctor, they can help reduce and eliminate the need for prescription drugs, There are many alternatives available. Sometimes one or two can play a key role in reducing and eliminating anxiety and panic attacks. For others it will be a combination of several things together. Exploring the options you have available and trying things out to see what works for you can be one of the most important steps you take in addressing your anxiety and getting it under control.

Four: Counseling

Counseling is often key for anxiety sufferers. Some do well discussing their problems with other anxiety sufferers while others need one on one counseling and support. And others need to address things all alone and do will with tapes, books, and guided treatment that they can implement themselves in the privacy of their home. Whatever your personal inclination regarding counseling it is certainly a natural and drugless approach to treating your anxiety that can make a wonderful difference in the occurrence of attacks.

Five: Bodywork

Massage therapy and other forms of bodywork are often used to relax muscle tension, help reduce stress, and to increase the level of deep and calm sleep. If you are uncomfortable with removing your clothes there are forms of bodywork that are done with you fully clothed. Massage and the relaxation of letting go and releasing your stress can be a very important part of an overall treatment approach. If you can't afford a professional, engage a partner or friend to give and receive a massage. Often a simple foot and hand massage will do the relaxation trick.

Treating anxiety naturally is possible. Learn the variety of natural treatment options available and see what you can incorporate into your life to tackle your anxiety.

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