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Get to Know What Connects Omega 3 Fatty Acids and Male Fertility

By Michael Byrd

What's the connection between omega 3 fatty acids and male fertility?

Excellent question! Here's a more excellent response.

Scientists are delving into the field of omega 3 fatty acids with its relations to sperm and sperm mobility. However, as of today, there are a number of benefits confirmed for omega 3 fish oil.

As a case in point, it has been accepted that the fatty acids in fish increases blood flow to the genitals. It also decreases blood pressure in a natural way, supporting a healthy prostate gland.

Such benefits from fish oil are essential to the act of reproduction.

Immense blood flow to the genitals and normal pressure of blood negates the risk and probability of erectile dysfunction. It is difficult to reproduce if you're having trouble rising to the occasion.

Inflammation of the prostate, also known as prostatitis, has serious reproductive repercussions. It is therefore important for a man to supplement with fish oil regularly. Such natural anti-inflammatory ability of the fatty acids keeps the prostate to function in a healthy manner.

Delivering the sperm is only one part of the whole story. Strong, numerous and mobile sperms have to be forthcoming in order for fertilization to occur.

Cholesterol and oxidation within the sperm are the two leading factors of male infertility.

Sperm cell membranes are mostly comprised of important fatty acids and cholesterol. 60% of these are DHA, commonly found in fish oil as the omega 3 fatty acid. [Molecular Human Reproduction, Vol. 4, 111-118]

And it has been examined that fertile men have a much higher level of DHA in their sperm cell membranes as compared to infertile men.

So, DHA has a tremendous result on the health and viability of the sperm.

Cholesterol count in the sperm is another sign of infertility. More cholesterol means more infertility. Such is believed to be caused by low fatty acids in the sperm. [Biology of Reproduction, vol. 59, 7-11]

The rationale with such is that the lack of enough good fatty acids in a man's body gives room for cholesterol in the sperm membrane thus resulting in un-matured sperms.

In simple terms, low fatty acids cause a man to be infertile.

In addition, having premature and abnormal sperms gives birth to free radicals which are harmful to other healthy sperms. Also, it increases infertility. [Current Medical Chemistry, Vol. 8, 851-862]

Thus, fish oil omega 3 fatty acids and male fertility do both have a great impact.

If you increase your intake of important fatty acids like omega 3 with DHA, there would be no problems with infertility. And the sole natural source for such DHA is found within fish and fish oil.

Improving intake of fish oil would surely enhance the effectiveness of the sperm and thus gives a greater chance of reproducing.

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