Thursday, January 22, 2009

Improve Your Health With Vinegar

By Boston B Stevenson

Vinegar has been used for more than ten thousand years and documented history tells us that vinegar has been an important condiment. Uses of vinegar range from beauty aides, effective germ fighter, preservative, antiseptic and general medicine. People have used vinegar to improve their health for decades. Vinegar is not a new idea as it has been used in worldwide cultural medicines for many years aiding the health of animals and humans alike.

Vinegar is made when any alcoholic liquid ferments. It is easy to see why you can improve your health with vinegar, as when naturally fermented it contains no fat, is low sodium and a rich source of trace elements, vitamins and minerals including sulfur, magnesium, iron, calcium, phosphorus plus enzymes which contribute to wellness.

Over processed and over heated brands which are diluted and highly filtered are not the best option when buying vinegar to improve your health. Reading the labels and lchecking for the words organic, pure, unfiltered, or aged in wood. These varieties may be overlooked in a supermarket and are more likely to be found in a health food shop but may cost you more.

Vinegar comes from many sources with different flavours and aromas even in today's modern supermarket. Vinegar can also be made from potatoes, melons, honey, molasses, beets, sorghum, maple syrup, cactus, grapes and coconuts. A vinegar that has the highest nutritional value is apple cider vinegar and is readily available.

Greek and Roman soldiers have documented vinegar as a source of power and strength, so did Japanese Samurai warriors. during the Stone Age vinegar was used as a means of getting healthy and it is excellent for digesting high protein meals and heavy foods. This aide to digestion may explain why it is a favourite with "Fish and Chips" one of the favoured foods in our modern day diet.

You can also use vinegar to improve your health in many other ways and these will be looked at further in the articles to come: Killing bacterial and fungal infections As a hair rinse to treat seborrhea and dandruff Enzymes to improve your gallbladder health As a remedy for indigestion and liver stagnation For the treatment of osteoporosis, memory loss and arthritis In a footbath to soften calluses and relieve athlete's foot Children's ear infections Regulate Blood pressure. Weight loss

You can also improve your health with vinegar by using it as a preventative measure against backache especially if you are a keen gardener, as vinegar will kill those prolific nuisance weeds like Clover, Dandelion, Thistle and Ragweed. If you think about this there are multiple health benefits when you use vinegar to get rid of weeds because the chemicals found in many synthetic weed killers can be extremely dangerous not only to us, but also to our pets and the wildlife in our gardens.

Commercial weed killers can affect the surrounding areas and poison the adjacent plants or grass. This means you not only kill the weed but run the risk of harming your garden and lawn. Vinegar used in the garden can be referred to as, organic gardening, as it is considered biodegradable. There is no need to worry about the PH value of your soil either because although vinegar decreases this, it will restore to its original PH within a couple of days.

Keeping your garden free of weeds and not suffering the backache associated with the pulling out of weeds is a pleasant and surprising way to improve your health with vinegar.

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