Saturday, January 31, 2009

Go Fish! Omega Fatty Acids

By Christian Goodman

Let me start by telling you about lysi. In Iceland where I grew up, this is what I had to drink. It is the fat from the liver of fish. Fortunately, today it is not necessary to drink this to get the benefit.

As a child, all I really understood is that this horrible drink was somehow healthy for me. As an adult, I now care about validating these types of things. So, I chose to research the value of the fish fat.

Omega Fatty Acids are considered essential but polyunsaturated. So, the body needs them, but cannot produce them. We have to get them in the form of an ingestable.

Fish can supply the omega fatty acids (tuna, herring, salmon). Two servings per week though is the suggested limit as they also contain mercury.

Flaxseed, walnuts, soybean or their oils also contain omega fatty acids. In fact, certain foods like margarine, baby formula and orange juice are now manufactured by adding the fatty acids into them.

Food is a great way to add omega fatty acids to your body. You might want to consult with your nutritionist to verify just how much is enough for you.

If your diet isn't providing you with a sufficient amount of fatty acids, supplements can be taken. You will want to research the brand of course as they are not regulated.

Why do we want to do this anyway? Studies have proven that babies require this for proper development.

Research even shows that some heart related problems can be reduced by regular intake of omega fatty acids. Blood pressure can also benefit from this.

Recent research even shows possible possible benefits for cancer treatments, specifically, breast cancer, prostate and colon cancer

While my Weight Loss Breeze program includes no special dietary requirements, it is very successful if a healthy weight is your goal.

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