Thursday, October 2, 2008

Begin A Full Body Detox With Your Mindset

By Cindy Soto

First, what a full body detox is not. It's not just taking pills, even natural ones.

Rather than a quick fix, it's the recognition that the body needs to cleanse and rest from its many labors.

Begin the whole body detox with your mindset.

Your body has loved and supported you through all you've done over many years. You've focused on the things you want to do, often taking for granted that your body would be there for you.

It's a sign of the times that meals are rushed and the needs of the body often come last on the long to do list.

A shift in your mind, your attention, is needed - listen to your body for the next few weeks.

Recognize the beliefs that hold you back, like the one that all thinking is from your brain.

This is patently false. The trillions of cells in the body have an intelligence of their own. Together, they do an amazing job of keeping things running in perfect harmony.

Thank the wonderful body that keeps you going even though it has to deal with so many challenges it was not designed for: insufficient nutrients and minerals, toxins from "food", air toxins, and even electronic interference from cell phones and computers.

Help your body with a 3 week (the body's normal cleansing cycle) full body detox.

More than half the accumulated waste (from years of bad eating, insufficient exercise and otherwise stressful lives) is released during the first 3 weeks.

Life is a great gift, give back to your body. And really listen during this time.

Tired and stressed out?

Take a nap if you can, or rest. Leave off the caffeine.

Be aware of how you feel after a meal. Are you feeling drained?

While it's true that digestion uses the most energy of the body's processes, it is the type of food that leaves you feeling tired. It is the foods without nutrients or enzymes that leave you wiped out.

It's not normal to feel drained.

See how different you feel on a salad with organic lettuce and sprouts.

There are many things you can do as part of a full body detox, but it all starts with your mind and your willingness to listen to your body.

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