Friday, October 31, 2008

The Best Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are an unpleasant experience for anyone who has ever experienced them before. Most people who have them are often too embarrassed to talk about them or to shy to go to the doctor. This is why it is so important to find home remedies for hemorrhoids that actually work. With reliable home remedies anyone can save themselves the uncomfortable trip to the doctors office.

Finding the safest and easiest home remedies for hemorrhoids can be very difficult. There are a lot of varying opinions out there on this subject. Most people will quickly turn to the advice of western medicine and will apply creams and ointments on the affected area. The trouble with western medicine is that it usually is designed to treat the symptoms instead of the causes. The creams and ointments and medicated wipes will certainly provide temporary relief. Unfortunately they will never get rid of the problem for good. Creams and ointments are not the best of home remedies for hemorrhoids.

To find the best home remedies for hemorrhoids eastern medicine is where you will need to turn your focus. Traditional eastern remedies and medicines are designed to treat the causes and not just the symptoms. People who practice eastern medicine have been coming up with home remedies for hemorrhoids for centuries. The fact is that hemorrhoids are extremely common and nothing to be embarrassed about. In fact recent studies have shown that approximately fifty percent of the population will suffer with hemorrhoids by the time they turn fifty. Hemorrhoids are especially common with pregnant mothers. We all know that pregnant women would love to save themselves any unnecessary trips to the doctors office. Home remedies for hemorrhoids are a pleasant alternative.

Because of these startling statistics it is no wonder that so many people are searching out different home remedies for hemorrhoids. Probably the most common home remedies include the use of an herb called witch hazel. Witch Hazel is a known anti-inflammatory, used to treat inflamed or irritated, sensitive tissues, stopping internal bleeding such as ulcers or hemorrhoids.

The best home remedies for hemorrhoids will include a potent combination of herbs. When you are considering home remedies for hemorrhoids these are the herbs that you want to specifically look out for. White Oak Bark for strengthening the capillaries and veins. Butcher's Broom Root has been known for 2,000 years for its healing properties, especially for its benefits to the circulatory system. Recent tests by German and French doctors indicated that butcher's broom root lessens post-operative thrombosis; and also showed measurable relief for hemorrhoid and varicose vein sufferers.

Stone Root is used to reduce back pressure in the veins, which in turn helps prevent the formation or worsening of hemorrhoids and varicose veins. If these herbs are used in the proper combination they will make a very potent and effective home remedy for hemorrhoids. So do not believe everything you hear about western medicines so called home remedies. Use what has worked for countless people for the last several centuries.

Dustin Olenslager, Hemorrhoid Researcher
Hemroid Harry's Herbal Remedy

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