Friday, October 31, 2008

Colon Hydrotherapy Must to be Administered with Precaution

With the current hype about colon cleanse, many people are likely to question what the most effective colon cleanse procedure really is. With the various products and therapies out in the market today, people might get confused, or better yet might doubt the efficacy of colon cleansing in promoting good health in general.

The notion that overall good health can be achieved through colon cleansing is based on the principles which was used since ancient times that the colon has the tendency to contain fragments of wastes, which in turn can be a potent source of bad bacteria and toxins that weakens the body's systems and cause various diseases. In fact, the medical accounts since ancient times have indicated the execution of a procedure similar to enema or colonic irrigation to aid in the healing of various diseases.

Although there have been so much debate in the medical field with regards to the significance of such procedure in promoting good health, there have been and still are medical practitioners who attest to the efficacy of colonic treatments. In fact, these physicians even employ the procedure in their practice.

The colonic machines used for colon hydrotherapy are also FDA approved. However, as part of general precaution, these machines may only be purchased, used, or with the consent of licensed practitioners. This restriction has been implemented so that the procedure may not be misused like it had been a few years back by non-medical practitioners who saw the procedure as a business to gain profit from.

However, despite the restrictions and the law implemented regarding colonic machines and procedures, there are still some people who seize the opportunity to gain profit by selling their unlicensed products or services to the unsuspecting public. That is why, it is always important to research the product or establishment before deciding to purchase or undergo treatment.

Colon hydrotherapy treatments are somewhat invasive procedures that if one is not careful might actually get harmed. Sanitation must be one of the number one concerns for having this procedure. Make sure that all the equipments used are sterilized and the tubes that will be used for the procedure are disposable. One has to keep in mind that the speculum or tube is going to be inserted to the rectum and is directly in contact with the internal organ. Whatever bacteria or virus present in that instrument will infect the individual using it.

Moreover, people who have medical conditions such as ulcerative colitis, severe hemorrhoids, colon cancer and other similar diseases should not go through the procedure. Also, people who just recently underwent surgeries should not go through such procedure as well.

Professional health care advice and diagnosis are very important in colon hydrotherapy. Some people might have the wrong idea that such treatment is a quick fix to lose weight or in treating any kinds of diseases. Although colon hydrotherapy is indeed an effective procedure in promoting over all health, it will only be beneficial when done appropriately. It is not a simple procedure and can be simply taken for granted.

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