Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Superfoods - What are They?

By Jane McQuigan

Superfoods are striking gifts of nature that carry every nutrient the body demands for optimal health. Superfoods are also an excellent way to compensate for dietary insufficiencies.

Superfoods help to strengthen blood, nourish our essential organs and revitalise and rebuild damaged cells. Particular superfoods have the power to detox our whole system.

While a rich diverseness of whole foods such as many green leaf veges should be the pillar of any healthy diet, research shows that it is oftentimes difficult for almost all of us to eat adequate amounts of these foods on a typical basis.

Alas, with today's fast paced work hard life-style, many people oftentimes acquire nutritional deficiencies, which can also be induced by diet because the intake of vital nutrients is severely lacking. If you can incorporate just one or two of these superfoods in your diet, daily, they can literally improve your life. Many people discover vigour levels are massively elevated, brain function is stronger and overall health and welfare is greatly improved.

The umpteen health gains of superfoods which include chlorella are undeniable and these superfoods are also valuable at preventing a number of diseases and therefore should form the basis of any disease prevention programme.

Superfoods are really important and are lush with potent nutrients and enzymes needed for optimal health and wellbeing and are far more than just "supplements". Superfoods really are Mother Earth's gifts to us.

For best results we would always advocate consuming these superfoods for a minimum of 4-6 weeks although most people will start to experience differences in energy levels, appetite etc within a a couple of days to a week although this does depend wholly on the individual, general diet, life style and health product.

Superfoods are also an excellent way to make up for dietary inadequacies. So having spirulina capsules for example would assist those deficient in B vitamins. Remember, superfoods are living foods and will provide the body with lacking or inadequate mineral vitamins and other crucial nutrients. Oh and did I forget to mention that superfoods like chlorella powder are also flavorsome and make very delectable, wholesome low fat snacks!

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