Friday, October 24, 2008

What Are The Early Signs Of Diabetes?

By Don Pedro

If you have a problem with your diet and you don't engage in lots of activity, you could very well be setting yourself up for diabetes. Yes, you read that right. Diabetes, especially the type II, is said to be largely due to poor diet as well as inactivity. Is that enough reason to improve your diet and inactivity or not? I sure hope it is.

Many people who die from diabetes are plain stubborn. They refuse to stop eating a particular kind of food, even after repeated warnings from their doctors. You see, when you have been diagnosed of diabetes, there are certain foods and drinks that you won't be allowed to take anymore, least you worsen your condition. Don't be like such stubborn people. Simply listening to your doctor can save your life.

No matter how much you love those kinds of food that are right in carb, you have to stop them if you want to stay alive with diabetes. Instead of such carb junk foods, eat those kinds of food that are very rich in terms of protein as well as fiber. If you do, you will be surprised at how easy it will be to keep your diabetes under control.

When taking herbal diabetes treatments, ensure that you seek the advice of your doctor. This is because there's the likelihood of complications when combining several herbs and medications at the same time. What most doctors recommend is to take the herbs differently and take the medicines differently - not taking both at the same time.

I know lots of people who had been diagnosed to have diabetes for over 10 years. Because they have dutifully changed their lifestyles, diet and consistently engaged in exercises, they are no different from every other person without diabetes. They look very healthy and very strong. You too can if you have diabetes just so far as you also change your lifestyle, diet and engage in lots of exercises.

There are very effective glucose tablets that you can chew today to deal with low blood sugar, as a diabetic patient. There are also hard candies that work as well. But ensure that when taking such, you mustn't take more than is necessary.

Some of the popular fruits and vegetables that help in the management of diabetes include whole grains, oysters, egg yolk, nuts and seeds, beef liver, almonds, sardines, ginger root, and even chicken.

Want to hear some good news about diabetes? Here goes - there are now lots of very effective treatments for diabetes that it's plain foolish for anyone with diabetes not to take advantage of them. They include - Thiazolidinediones (for helping diabetic patients become more receptive to insulin), Biguanides (for decreasing the glucose that's being produced by the liver of diabetic patients), D-phenylalanine derivatives (for stimulating as well as hastening the production of insulin by the pancreas), Alpha-glucosidase inhibitors (for effectively slowing down starch absorption) and a host of others.

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