Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Massage Therapists in Private Practice Offer Their Services

By Bodhi Mcleod

Pasadena is a beautiful city with many beautiful day spas that offer services such as massage.

However, the people often overlooked are the many private practitioners operating in Pasadena. Some travel around to homes and offices and some have their own offices, while others have created a cozy environment for their clients at their places of residence.

There are different types of massage establishments to meet different needs. Day spas employ multiple massage therapists at once, often have a high turn over rate and are under pressure to keep positions filled. On the other hand, a private practitioner is someone who you know is dedicated to his or her own practice.

Private practitioners are also more likely to have a specialty or area of expertise.

For example, I've been a massage therapist in Pasadena since 2003. I specialize in deep tissue massage, including trigger point therapy and neuromuscular techniques. I've been very successful in helping people recover from common problems such as back pain and carpal tunnel. You can read testimonial on her web site at

If you're looking for a private practitioner, one place to start is the Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals at Every member of this professional organization has met certain criteria. You can search by location and specialty.

Finding the right therapist for you begins with educating yourself about massage. There are many different types of massage and huge differences between one therapist and another. Learn as much as you can and then ask a lot of questions.

While private practitioners might not be best suited for everyone, it's certainly a viable option to look into if you're in need of a healing touch.

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