Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Reiki Energy Healing Is Beyond Compare

By Taylore Vance

What is the Reiki healing process? Why is it called beyond all human divisions? Reiki energy healing has been around over 4000 years as tool to apply Source energy as an energy healing modality. While it is not a religion or connected to any church it is very spiritual in nature. It heals on the physical mental and emotional levels.

Health practitioners in hospitals are finding Reiki useful in the recovery of the clients. Several studies are going on all around the world to test the use of Reiki in hospitals. Reiki treats the body, mind and soul for low or discordant energy. Reiki removes low and negative energy and the practitioner applies a flow of Source energy from their hands. Reiki even heals depression by changing the energy from bad to good energy.

Reiki I hands-on-healer can learn those skills in only one day - although it is better to take your time and learn Reiki over several days. Once upon a time it took years to become a Reiki I or a Reiki II practitioner. People who study Reiki have an increased flow of energy.

Down through history the normal flow of energy was closed down. Historically and genetically speaking, people who appeared to have special abilities during the ages of persecution were harmed in some way. Remember reading about the burning of witches? This knowledge that flowing a large current of Source Energy would be dangerous to your health because of the punishments received in ancient times may have caused the subconscious mind to close you down in this life.

When the parent puts a family member down and criticizes them, they will not try to become special in any way. These people try to become invisible. This person will benefit from becoming Reiki and flowing Reiki energy. Reiki energy heals the person of low esteem while they learn to flow this healing energy to others.

A computer is hard wired to run windows and your body is hard wired to flow the Reiki healing energy. Flowing Reiki is beyond compare and your life is never the same. In order to flow even more of any healing energy People schooled in Reiki know that an attunement to Reiki is necessary. Everyone benefits from being Reiki.

Reiki is the most awesome healing modality. It goes beyond the physical reality to heal your emotional problems as well as pain. Try a Reiki treatment --- see how much lighter Reiki makes you feel.

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