Monday, October 13, 2014

Can A Nitric Oxide Booster Actually Help You With Workouts?

By Esme Spence

A Nitric Oxide booster is a product that can be taken for the goal of increasing the Nitric Oxide production in the human body. While Nitric Oxide (also known as NO) isn't actually in Nitric Oxide booster products like those made by Neogenis and others, L-arginine is usually actually what contributes to the production of Nitric Oxide. The chief occupation of Nitric Oxide in the body is to transmit messages between cells. It can also contribute to the maintenance of healthy blood circulation, and the functions of various organs like the lungs, stomach, kidneys, liver, and more. The purpose many people have for using them, however, is to aid in one way or another with workouts. Does using a Nitric Oxide supplement actually help people work out better?

We will discuss varying important points to be better understood. First, we will review a survey of Nitric Oxide booster studies on their effects on muscle gain and exercise. Then we will go over some possible downsides for utilizing such products. To conclude our discussion, we will talk about a few alternative reasons people have to use NO supplements.

So what do studies say about Nitric Oxide booster products' ability to help bodybuilders and other athletes? A survey of clinical studies for NO supplements conducted by has shown that use of Nitric Oxide supplements like those made by Neogenis Labs and other companies will not significantly pump up your muscle growth. However, they could actually help you sustain intense exercise for a longer period of time. None of the studies looked at cited any evidence that NO supplements increase muscle fullness or size. Some studies did find that at least for older and recreational athletes, a Nitric Oxide supplement with L-arginine can increase endurance for intense exercise. The studies also seemed to suggest that trained athletes see little to no boost in their working out capabilities.

A Nitric Oxide booster, while useful in many ways, does not fit the bill for everyone. For instance, utilizing such products may potentially be detrimental for some people who suffer from herpes, have had heart attacks, or who have low blood pressure levels. Such supplements could possibly cause such conditions or symptoms of those conditions to become worse. You ought to talk to a healthcare provider before choosing to use an NO supplement.

Aside from exercise, these supplements can have other valuable benefits though. After a surgical operation, Nitric Oxide supplements can possibly help pick up the pace on recovery. They may also increase the rate of wound healing and reduce infections. These products may also help to lessen extra fluids that cause congestive heart failure. Men can supposedly see symptom improvement when they take such supplements for erectile dysfunction. NO boosters can also be used to treat aches and pains or cases of inflammation.

While these products might not magically turn you into a bodybuilder, Nitric Oxide booster products such as those made by Neogenis and others can be used in various helpful ways for many people.

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