Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Causes Of Back Pain - How It Can Adversely Affect You

By Leila Novembre

Your back could be bothering you for several different reasons. Currently we spend too much time bent over our computers and slouched in front of our televisions; which certainly is not a healthy situation for our backs. You need to exercise, just be careful not to injure your back.

It may seem surprising, but sitting in one position for a long time can lead to back pain. Moreover, the chair in which you are sitting, even if it isn't comfortable, isn't necessarily the problem. Just sitting too long can cause back problems. If you are standing or moving around, there is a lot less pressure on your back than if you are seated. So it's easy to understand why people who sit at a desk all day are more apt to have back problems. For this reason, some people and businesses are switching to stand-up style desks. Research has proven that your health and well-being will improve if you spend less time sitting. If it isn't possible for you to work standing up, at least part of the time, make it a point to get up frequently from your chair and do some type of movements. It doesn't take much of a change to relieve your back of the stress of sitting. A short walk around the office, or some discrete stretching in the break room, will make the world of difference.

Are you one of those people who sit for a long time without getting up to stretch? It may surprise you to learn that this can lead to backaches and back pain. Simply sitting, in whatever kind of chair or seat, is the culprit here. The chair can be comfortable, or uncomfortable, and that doesn't seem to make a difference. When you are seated, there is a lot more pressure on your back then when you are standing up. Office workers, draftsmen, and writers - who spend hours on the computer - are all vulnerable to back pain. To counter this effect, a lot of people - and businesses - have begun using desks that allow you to stand while you work. Some of these desks can also be lowered so you can change from standing up to sitting down. There's also the fact that your health and well-being will be improved if you spend more time moving around and standing than if you are seated. This has been proven by research. If you don't want to go to the extreme of standing at your desk for hours, at least take frequent breaks from sitting down. Something simple, such as standing up and stretching, or going for a five-minute walk, can make a big difference in the pressure your back is subjected to by sitting too long. The back pain that you have may be the result of an back injury years ago. Anyone that has ever injured their back may have damaged their spine which could cause a misalignment that will result in pain. Car accidents are notorious for giving people back injuries, even if it is a small one. Anyone that plays a sport like football can injure their spine very easily. If you do workouts on a regular basis that strengthen your back muscles, this can help prevent injuries from occurring. Certain exercises must be done carefully or else you may injure your spine while working out. That's why it's important to use proper form when you exercise, and not to use more weight than you can handle.

Pregnant women are often susceptible to lower back pain because of the increased pressure caused by the unborn infant. Aside from this, hormones released during pregnancy can cause additional problems with the vertebrae of the spine. There are many exercises that you can do that can help you relieve back pain that you may be suffering from. Sometimes there are classes available that can offer these particular exercises; your doctor can also help you understand what to do. By exercising regularly, you can help avert or lessen the pain that you may be feeling that is a direct result of your pregnancy and unborn child.

Whenever you have a back ache all you can think about is how to get rid of it as soon a possible. However, the better you understand what contributes to back problems, the easier it is to avoid them in the future. In some instances, you will need to seek professional help. There are a lot of back issues that can get some relief with the help of a chiropractor, massage therapist and many other health providers.

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