Sunday, October 5, 2014

Reverse Insulin Resistance Using Simple And Precise Guidelines

By Mattie MacDonald

Chronic illnesses form part of the most challenging types of diseases to treat; some being incurable while others can be managed sufficiently using available curative drugs. Diabetes is one such chronic illness and it has multiple causes. Two major causes are stated as resistance to insulin produced while the other is insufficient production of insulin from islet cells of pancreas. Scholars have done much research and have this far proven that it is possible to reverse insulin resistance.

Eating sugar rich food is the primary cause of blood sugar rise. Reversing this phenomenon would then be simple and only require omitting such sugary food in diet. Similarly, individual may decide to take small amounts of carbohydrates if it becomes difficult to eliminate them from diet. It is advisable that diabetic persons take much of food rich in fats and proteins and omit sugar rich meals.

Exercise is yet another effective way of reversing chronic fluctuations in blood sugars. This may be possible in two ways; first is by eliminating excess sugars in the blood. During intense exercise, body cells consume much of available sugars through respiration and therefore there is no overload of the vascular system with carbohydrate. Secondly, intense activity promotes consumption of carbohydrates and therefore reduces production of insulin. Over a period of time, insulin levels begin to stabilize.

It is worthy to note that the above two components are synergistic. Withdrawing sugar rich food from diet and regular exercise concurrently is very efficient in managing this condition. In addition, exercise serves to control autonomic nervous system hence stopping adrenal glands from releasing adrenalin. This hormone adrenalin is responsible for release of triglycerides into the blood stream, an activity which leads to rise of blood sugar.

Adequate sleep and proper stress management is equally significant as a remedy against insulin resistance. A sleep time of up to eight hours a night is just enough. When the body is well rested and not in distress, there is no release of stress related substances which trigger rise in blood sugars.

Better still, it has been proven that nutritional deficiency contributes to this resistance. Most important among the involved food components are vitamin B6, glutamine and chromium. If need be, these components should be supplemented to reduces occurrence of resistance in the population. Other food components and or nutrients include manganese, magnesium and vitamin B group among many more.

Some more useful tips to manage this condition include avoidance of caffeine, alcohol and tobacco smoke. All these mentioned substances lead to increased production of triglycerides and hence high levels of carbohydrates in vascular system.

In summary maintaining good health is essential and all persons should make their responsibility to achieve acceptable standards of health. On a similar note, it is worth noting that people can easily maintain or restore health simply by adjusting their lifestyle. It may sound difficult but worth doing. For instance, a person who is diabetic and also alcoholic must stop drinking alcohol and choose good health. Otherwise, even the use of drugs to control this disease may not bear any fruit.

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