Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Benefits Of Anti Inflammatory Foods

By Annabelle Holman

Inflammation can be caused by things you eat. If your diet is based on inflammatory food, it will increase your chances for cardiovascular diseases and other health problems. You can even feel pain more intensively, especially pain related to arthritis, if your diet isn't properly balanced. Anti inflammatory foods have numerous positive effects on your health as well as on your weight.

All types of junk food, high fat meat, highly processed food, trans fats, sugar and refined flour have inflammatory effect on your organism. Although most things you consume have some effect on your blood sugar level and increase it, good stuff will increase it slowly, and junk food will increase it sharply, causing all kinds of harmful processes in your body.

Anti inflammatory food may reduce inflammation, if eaten regularly. Typical foods on the anti-inflammatory diet are all fruits and vegetables, fish and seafood, non-fat and low fat milk and yogurt, soy, almonds, nuts and other food rich in minerals, vitamins, Omega-3 fatty acids and healthy mono-saturated fats. When it comes to vegetables, some say you should avoid so called nightshade vegetables, for example tomato, potato and eggplant.

Fruits are especially valuable. Brightly colored fruits and berries are rich with anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants fight free radicals and help you stay healthy and young, and protect your skin and beauty as well. Mono-saturated fats contained in avocado, for example, are also highly valuable, especially if you need additional source of plant-based proteins. Low fat meat is also allowed.

Healthy fats contained in nuts, avocado, seeds, olive and canola oil and some other foods are essential for preserving physical and psychical health. Your brain needs them to be able to work. Low-fat meat, fish and seafood are great sources of these healthy fats and Omega-3 amino acids. Calculate our calorie intake, but include these valuable foods in your diet.

Most fish and seafood can be used as very good anti-inflammatory protein sources. Tuna, salmon and sardines should be on your menu at least once a week. Use fresh fish and prepare it yourself. Processed and canned food has inflammatory effect, and although you don't have to avoid it completely, highly processed and fried food is always a health hazard.

You may drink different herbal teas, mineral or spring water or even tap water, but you need to avoid sodas and similar beverages. They contain high levels of sugar, and processed sugar is your enemy. If you need something sweet in your beverages, use stevia instead. Drink vegetable and fruit juices, without added sugar. Choose dark green and brightly colored fruits, and be careful with calorie rich fruits such as banana.

Avoid all processed food, especially snacks, white bread and sweets. Anything that contains sugar, too much salt and white flour is bad for you. Choose legumes, whole grains, seeds, walnuts and other healthy food. You can safely consume herbal teas and even coffee. Coffee seems to have very nice effect on your organism, when it is consumed in reasonable quantities.

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