Sunday, October 26, 2014

Tips From A Chiropractor To Get Rid Of Neck And Back Pain

By Katrina Wheeler

There are many tips that people can use when they want to get rid of neck and back pain. The best advice can be taken from a chiropractor Sterling VA. The individual should learn how to begin the day right. This can be done by properly stretching. Look for the right exercises to use, especially when one is experiencing pain.

One must also consider quitting with the sit-ups. This is the type of exercise which will easily strengthen the abdominal muscles. It should also prevent back pains. But this is not the best exercise for those who are already experiencing this pain. It will just worsen the painful sensation. In this case, simple make use of some yoga poses as an alternative.

The individual also have to take the hamstrings muscles into account. If the individual does not pay attention to one's hamstrings, then there is a big chance that one will pull this. Once the individual pulls the hamstrings muscles, this will easily cause misalignment to the spine. It will also be the cause for pain in the back area.

Staring at one's smart phone is not a good idea. This is because once the individual looks down on the smart phone, the neck will simply form a C-shape. When it does this, there will be a strain on the neck muscles. If the neck muscles are strained, then there is a chance that pain will accumulate and worsen around this area.

One can take a rest in the car too. It is advised for the client to use the headrest, especially when driving, just to give a little bit of rest time to the neck during the drive time. The head should be leaned back into the headrest so that the client can give one's neck muscles a little bit of rest while driving.

Sleeping on the stomach is not a recommended position. Most clients will call this as belly snoozing. The client should know that this is actually the worst position the person can assume when sleeping. The client only has two options when sleeping, that is to turn one's head left or right. This will strain the muscles around one's neck.

It is also essential for the client to avoid crossing the legs. For those clients who are required to sit all day, they will be tempted to cross their legs just to change positions. However, the best position for the legs while sitting is to have the feet planted firmly and parallel to the ground.

Getting a massage is highly recommended. This is especially true if one is plagued by headaches. If this is the case, then make sure to see a massage therapist. The said therapist should be the best professional to go to if one wants to ease the tension in the shoulders, jaw, and neck. Tight muscles are the main cause for pain, after all.

Do not forget to sit up straight. Slouching will just cause the person some backache. The person will end up experiencing some painful sensation in the back or neck area. Sitting straight should prevent one's visit to a chiropractor Sterling VA.

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