Thursday, October 2, 2014

Juicing To Lose Weight Easily

By Deanne Shepard

When you want to get your body in shape quickly, safely, healthy and easy, you need to make sure to consume everything that it needs. It means that you get enough vitamins, minerals, fibers and other stuff needed for normal body functioning. If your previous attempts didn't get you anywhere, try juicing to lose weight and to improve your health at the same time.

Numerous types of vegetables lose most of their healthy substances when you cook them. And they really are full of valuable phytonutrients. You should consume them fresh, and some, such as kale, for example, don't have very appealing taste. This problem can be easily solved if you combine these veggies with sweet and tasty fruits.

Fruits are much more appealing, but they contain sugar. This sugar is called fructose, and it gives good energy, but it is still sugar. The good thing is that you can combine not so delicious veggies with your favorite fruits to create highly nutritious and tasty juices that will really speed up losing weight process and fill your body with energy.

Dark green veggies are highly beneficial, because they contain high levels of anti-oxidants. You can use spinach, kale, broccoli, parsley leaves or some other greens. Intense color is always a good sign when it comes to nutrients. Carrots, beet, red and yellow peppers are full of great phytonutrients. Peppers contain very high level of vitamin C, for example.

One vegetable should definitely be included in your juices. Beet has many great qualities. It lowers your blood pressure, reduces inflammation and swelling, increases endurance, detoxifies and even boosts your libido. It is full of iron and it means it is really good for your blood. Besides, it will energize you and make you feel stronger when you are on diet.

Carrots are great for your skin, eyes and hair. They are sweet and really tasty, so they can replace fruits in different recipes. Oranges, apples and lemons should be included in your healthy juices, but don't forget about grapefruits and pineapples. These fruits have very good effects on the process of losing weight.

Another great thing about juicing is that it detoxifies your body simply and easily. One day of juicing, with at least five glasses of juice and a few glasses of cold water is great, but it would be even better if you could stay on this diet for at least three days. Some experts say it should last for one week, but some people find it too exhausting.

Of course, if you are determined to lose your excess weight quickly, you can try practicing this diet for a week or two. You could lose maybe ten pounds this way, or even considerably more, depending on your eating habits. It won't be easy, but it never is, but your body ill get what it needs and your skin will appreciate this approach.

When you achieve your perfect weight, you should consider maintaining it juicing once a week. Another good idea is to replace your dinner with freshly prepared vegetable juice, with some fruits added. Choose organically grown ones if you can.

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