Friday, September 5, 2008

Allergy Medicine: Stop Them In Their Tracks!

By Dorothy Medlum

It is not fun to have an allergic reaction. You may suffer with sneezing, coughing, weeping, or even swelling, in some cases. Some people experience migraines because of their allergies while others may go into shock, in extreme cases.

Every allergy is different and not all medications are equal in quality or in strength per dosage. You have to find what works for you. This can be better accomplished by talking with your doctor or your allergist.

How Do They Test for Allergies?

When you go to your allergist to be tested, she will test you with various substances. This way she will be able to determine exactly what your specific allergy might be.

You may be tested by anything from dairy products to types of grasses to dust and dander. What your allergist is searching for is a certain reaction.

If you do have an allergy to whatever substance was injected into your skin, your skin will take on a red appearance with a raised place on it. This is a sure sign that you have experienced a reaction.

Now your allergist can better determine what your allergy is and prescribe a regime of medication designed just to meet your specific needs.

When having an allergy, depending on the severity, you need to find the medicine that will work best for you. If your allergy is mild, perhaps, an over the counter allergy medication will work well for you.

If however, the allergy is too severe, say to shellfish, and you swell up like a basketball and must be rushed to the emergency room, an over the counter medicine would not do the trick. This type of allergy will require serious medical attention and a stronger prescription prescribed by a doctor.

If you are allergic to something and you would like to at least rid yourself of some of the symptoms, get tested today. Ask your allergist if there is a medication he would recommend that would help you feel better again. There are many medicines on the market that will help with your symptoms. So get on the move to living a better allergy- free life.

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