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Oil of Oregano for Toe Nail Fungus and Natural Remedies

By Rashel Dan

One of the most common cure for the condition is oil of oregano for toe nail fungus infection. The reason is that although natural remedies still need to be scientifically validated, a lot of herbal experts seem to agree about the useful properties of oregano. There are also a host of other natural remedies that may be as good as oil of oregano. Here's what you need to know about oil of oregano and other natural solutions to toe nail fungus.

Oil of Oregano

Carvacrol is found in oil of oregano. This is believed to be the plant ingredient that can actively work against fungi. Oil of oregano has also been found to be antibacterial and antiseptic. Oil of oregano can be applied directly on the infected nail. Not all sources however agree on how much should be used and how often it should be applied. Some users simply use it twice a day for an unlimited number of days until the infection clears. Others however point out a prescriptive period of only a few weeks. Users are also cautioned about the use of oil of oregano. It may not be good for pregnant women or those who have an iron deficiency problem.

Oregano oil can also be mixed with other oils. Some common combinations include olive oil and tea tree oil. Again, different sources offer different application tips. Some alternative oils and remedies may be mixed with oil of oregano. Other sources however advise alternating the remedies separately.

Other Possible Remedies

You have other alternatives. Oil of oregano for toe nail fungus isn't your only hope. There are a couple of other possible remedies. These include:

- Household Vinegar- As some may now, vinegar is antiseptic. It can also work on a variety of infections including those caused by fungi. You can use apple cider or cane vinegar. You can apply this remedy without diluting it directly on the affected nail. An alternative would be to soak your nail on a basin with equal portions of vinegar and lukewarm water.Co

- The Tea Tree Oil- This natural remedy is as popular as oil of oregano. It also has strong antifungal and antiseptic properties. It is in fact so strong that concentrated amounts of tea tree oil may cause skin irritation. You should therefore settle for a diluted preparation. Tea tree oil can be applied directly to the infected nail.

- Vicks Vapor Rub- This particular remedy isn't easy to explain. In fact, there are very few explanations on why Vicks can work well on nail fungus. It has been suggested that the natural components of Vicks Vapor Rub are possibly good toe nail fungus remedies.

Although there are other natural remedies, it is important to remember though that natural remedies rarely have standard instructions for application. You therefore have to try a remedy at your own risk.

Natural Treatment - An alternative to home made remedies would be natural products. There are a couple of products available online or in health stores that contain 100% natural ingredients. Manufacturers of these products offer some instructions for proper application.

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