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What Are The Different Alternative Types Of Medicine

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Ever since the 1970's alternative medicine has become an ever increasing popular choice for patients to consider. There are many forms of alternative types of medicine that are offered today only a few have actually been recognized by main stream medicine, however as more and nore research is being done on alternative forms of medicine, consumers are now able to select a form of alternative medicine that they feel will benefit their condition and health.

What Are The Most recognized Alternative Types Of Medicine Offered?

One of the alternative types of medicine that is offered is the collected group of Chinese Traditional Medicines. This is a set of practices that is designed to balance a person's chee, making their body's energy flow appropriately and keep the person healthy. As part of this regiment acupuncture may be used. This is used with very fine needles that are strategically placed on the bodies important energy points. This opens up the energy that is being blocked, and will improve a persons health. Meditation can also be an important part of this alternative medicine. By getting the mind and body joined, the energy will be directed in the best manner to keep the person healthy.

The Chinese also have a large array of herbal medicines for all sorts of ailments. When combined with Tai-Chi and meditation a holistic medical treatment is created. By enabling the mind and body to be joined, the energy is directed in the best manner to promote good health

2. Therapeutic Touch is another form of alternative medicine that is gaining popularity. In therapeutic Touch the hands are laid on the area of concern It is thought that by placing hands on the effected area energies can be channelled to assist the healing process While being similar to acupuncture its derivation goes back to biblical days.

3. Massage can be considered another form of an alternative medicine that uses touch to help promote healing and relaxation. Both of these alternative types of medicine are sought after treatments for a variety of medical problems, from muscles aches to just having problems relaxing.

Chiropractic Medicine is another form of alternative medicine that is becoming both widely recognized and accepted. In this practice, the well being of the patient is thought to involve the spine. A session with a Chiropractor would involve having adjustments made on the spine to help with the bodies functions.

Osteopathic medicine is another one of the alternative types of medicine that has also become more main-stream. This is also a form of medicine that involves the whole system and the impact one system has on another. This too has a hands on approach to healing the body.

Alternative types of medicine are found in most large cities and areas of different ethnic groups today. Many of the main-stream doctors are working with the practitioners of alternative medicine giving patients more choices in their own health care.

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