Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Losing Weight Via Alternative Methods

By Chris Channing

Being overweight is a problem that is facing most citizens across many nations today. To get back to a slim size, all sorts of methods and options are being explored. If nothing has seemed to work just yet, there is one alternative that is proving to be an easy and effective weigh loss solution.

One odd attribution to the weight we gain and can't lose is the fact that eating any type of unhealthy food in the past few years could still have an impact today. This is because food can buildup in the intestinal tract from not being digested properly, which can add up to 5 or more pounds over a long period of time. In this case, what is called a "colon cleanse" is necessary.

Another reason some attribute inability to lose weight is the lack of motivation. If one feels too tired, they aren't going to be able to exercise and stick to diets as they had planned. Part of this is attributed to the fact that the blood may become somewhat intoxicated of the waste that couldn't be properly passed through the intestinal tract. Kidneys and livers help take toxins out of the bloodstream, but this can also put extra strain on such organs that is unnecessary.

Laxative diets have been warned against for creating an actual physical dependency upon the user, not to mention they strip the body of needed nutrients. Their effect on weight loss is still impressive, although using them for such methods is obviously not safe. A colon cleanse works much like the laxative does, but doesn't have the dependency as is much more safe under right conditions.

Fiber is a type of natural colon cleanser that is obtained over the counter or consumed in most foods. It's important to keep fiber in one's diet, as experts agree, since it acts much like home colon cleansing kits do. Most colon cleansers can be replaced with a good diet of fiber, but a doctor should be consulted before going anywhere with any solution as there can be adverse side effects.

Always be careful when going about a detoxification process to lose weight. Weight loss is something that will come gradually, not all at once. Cleansing one's intestinal track more than once a week can actually cause damage or vitamin deficiencies, although some experts admit to have such colon cleansing routines for shorter intervals. Again, a doctor should be consulted for specific information regarding this process.

In Conclusion

Next time you try to go lose weight via exercise and don't feel in the mood, try checking into a colon cleanser of some sort. It may be just the trick that brings you to a slimmer size and lighter weight.

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