Friday, September 26, 2008

Origin of Kidney Stones

By Xergio Rio

Are you suffering from kidney stones? If that is the case, few people are able to see your anguish or that of your dear one. Would you like to know the causes of kidney stones?

You may or may not be surprised to know that if one of your parents has kidney stone then the chances of getting it to you are unfortunately very high. Medical studies tell us that kidney stone is transferable through generations. So then, heredity can be one of the causes of kidney stones. The majority of the kidney stones are made of calcium and hypercalciuria (which are high levels of calcium in the urine). It is risky one. There is a predisposition to high level of calcium in the urine that may be carried from generation to generation.

You can see the persons with renal tubular acidosis and people that have problems metabolizing different chemicals including cystine (an amino acid), oxalate, (that's a type of salt), and uric acid (as in gout). These people are prompt to kidney stone and the reason is heredity. It is one of the basic causes.

Also, geographical location may be a cause of those kidney stones in your system. It's a fact that some people have kidney stone due to this geographic predisposition. For example, people from Southern United States have this increased risk. There are what is called: regional 'stone belts'. Additionally, the possibility of getting an infection is higher because of warm climate and that's because people to get dehydrated, water levels inside your body go down.

This way, the urine can become highly concentrated. This makes these chemicals to bind together and that's the the beginning of forming nidus of the stone.

Now, let's clear something up: Diet is not a direct cause of the kidney stone. If you have a person that's already prone to stone formations, then foods that have high calcium contents, just increase the risk of kidney stone formation. Then, you should avoid foods with high calcium content. On the other hand, the person who doesn't have a history of kidney stones, need not worry about the diet.

Remember that the person with kidney stone needs to take a balanced and proper diet so as not to facilitate the stone to develop.

If you take (OTC) over the counter products, this can increase the risk of forming kidney stone. Persons who take water-pills or diuretics regularly and those that consume high quantities of antiacids that contain the calcium mineral, end up elevating the calcium content in their urine and for this reason, may increase the possibility of forming stones. Patients that suffer with HIV who take the medication called indinavir (Crixivan) have the risk of forming these indinavir stones.

To solve the problem you must understand the cause. This can start solving the problem itself. Know what causes kidney stone. It can help one take preventive measures. That way, kidney stones can stop being a problem.

Prevention is better than cure. The presence of kidney stone in your organism is linked to your daily eating habits and the way you live. Healthy food with lots of calcium content may be a problem for your body. The fundamental cause of kidney stone is the regular build up of calcium in your body. Understand how your body works makes possible to put it under better control.

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